Thursday, September 29, 2011

Freezing Diced Tomatoes and Tomato Sauce

I have been keeping up with my tomatoes this year and have sooo many!

The kids and I eat the Cherry Tomatoes fresh whenever we walk by...

And these Lemon Plums are sooo sweet!

I planted mostly Romas for canning, sauce, and salsa.
They are a dense, meaty variety and are versatile for many recipes.

We picked a whole fruit box the other day, and then I panicked because I knew I didn't have the time to can them. Why do I do that?
Luckily, I ran into this post by Serena Thompson of The Farm Chicks.
What a simple and delicious way to preserve tomatoes....just wash, blend, and freeze!
She puts a little Olive oil and sautes garlic in a pan before adding the frozen tomatoes and using them in soups or other recipes.
 I can't wait to try it!
So, to freeze tomatoes {either diced or pureed}:

Wash them really well.

Take off the stems.
Using a food processor or blender, either dice them or puree.

If you don't want as much liquid, let tomatoes drain in a colander before freezing.

Pack into freezer bags, seal, and label.
I like to put about 2 cups per quart bag because this is a perfect amount for soups and other recipes.

This was a really fast way to preserve tomatoes and I am sure that the nutritional value is better because everything is so fresh and the skins are included.
I totally needed this...some days I feel overwhelmed with the amount of "To Do's" on my list. 
I think it only took me 30 minutes to process about  35 pounds of tomatoes.
Too fun!

Hope you have a GREAT day:).


Joining Amy at Homestead Revival for her Preparedness Challenge:)


Gumbo Lily said...

I like this idea! I've heard of freezing whole tomatoes, but the thought of pureeing or chopping them first makes much more sense. Thanks!


Jennifer said...

I did the SAME thing this last week. I enjoy canning, but some days are just TOO busy. I just love 'fresh' tomatoes in the middle of winter!

Mona @ Healthy Homesteading said...

I also freeze my tomatoes but I usually just freeze them whole. I should try this way. I still have lots of green tomatoes but I am hoping I will be able get a good harvest of ripe tomatoes before it freezes.

Patricia @ 9th and Denver said...

We have a 'lone' tomato plant left from the summer-- and escaped the grasshoppers.
It is loaded with blossoms...I hope we get a bumper crop(?) of tomatoes from this plant.

I'll try this for sure if we do.

KarenLynn@Lil'SuburbanHomestead said...

I usually dry my cherry tomatoes so thanks for this idea! Your pictures are fabulous!

Keeping It Cozy said...

I just saw this post on your sidebar, Julia, and am so glad I did. I've been thinking about freezing some of my tomatoes this year vs. canning but have never done so before. How did they turn out? It sure is a simple process! I have heard they are wonderful this way.

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