Friday, October 28, 2011

Freezing Carrots

My carrots did really well this year and usually they are the last to be picked.
They will actually keep in the ground over the winter if you cover them with straw.
Although I haven't tried it, I like the idea of pulling back the straw and getting carrots when I need them.
This year, I have been doing a lot of freezing because it is a little faster than canning...and we have a HUGE freezer:).
I like to package up a few to put in the crisper in my refrigerator, and the rest I freeze for soups, casseroles, and side dishes.
It is really easy:).

{According to The Ball Blue Book of Preserving}

1. Pick a large quantity of young, tender carrots and cut the tops off.
 I set all of the carrots in a sink full of cold water.
A lot of the dirt will fall to the bottom if you let them sit for an hour or so.

2. Wash, peel, and then wash again!
My kids like to help with this.

3. Dice or quarter medium sized carrots. For larger carrots, just dice into matching sized pieces.
Small carrots can be frozen whole.
Me? I just dice everything!

4. Blanch cut carrots for 3 minutes, whole carrots for 5 minutes.

5. Cool and drain on a clean dish towel on your counter top.

6. Package into freezer bags, label, and freeze.
They are good for up to a year:).

That's it!

You have a fast and easy addition to your meals...ready and waiting!

Have a great weekend!



Anonymous said...

Ju, I love all these canning and freezing lessons! I will be doing alot of it next year and plan on referring beack to your blog! Well, I may have you over to help as well!


Holly said...

My carrots did great this year too, but they are almost gone!! When I was growing up we always wintered over our carrots...usually with the abundance of leaves from our maple tree. Sometimes it was hard to get them out of the ground, but boy, were they ever sweet!!!
I need to check out your "freezing cabbage" post. I love to grow it because it looks so pretty, but I can never use it all!!!!
Have a wonderful evening!!

CW said...

I canned some of my carrots this year and really like them to dump into a stew. BUT you do have to use a pressure canner....;)

Julia said...

OK sweet Beth...I think I need to talk you into coming over and walking me through pressure canning:)! I am such a chicken!


CW said...

oh, Julie, I would be happy to help you but I know you can do it!:) If you want me to let me know, I would love o spend the time with you!:):)

Cailan said...

Oh my, those carrots are so beautiful!

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