Saturday, November 26, 2011

{Advent} Celebrating God's Gift to Us

Advent is something that we look forward to each year.
 It is such an important part of the Christmas season for us and I love that each night we slow down to focus on Christ.
We try to keep our traditions each year and hope that as the kids age, we will still gather together for Advent celebration.
This year, I designed our wreath around little silver pails, mossy greens, and sprigs of pine and lavender from our yard.

I numbered each little pail with a permanent marker.
I thought it would be easy for Jack to see what week we are celebrating.

I filled each pail with barley and inserted the candles. Dry beans would work just as well.

Don't you love cake stands?
I use them for practically everything and Advent is no exception!

We light a candle each night at dinner, pray together, and talk about one thing that we are most thankful for that day. Then we eat by candlelight.

After dinner, we clear the table and read a devotion.
This year, we are using Ann Voskamp's lovely "A Jesse Tree Advent Celebration."
What a beautiful FREE book of family devotions!
I am excited to go through it with the kids.
We also try and read a Christmas story from this book...

Norman Rockwell's Christmas Book

My Aunt used to read it after lighting the Advent candle each night and she gifted to me the first Christmas Darren and I spent together. I just love it!

I hope and pray that this Christmas season opens your heart to contentment and happiness with your loved ones. 
Advent is a time of peace and focus on Christ and what He came for.
He didn't come for the presents, or the rush, or the hustle and bustle of trying to out-do another.
He came for us...
He came to serve those who were "the least of these..."
What will you do this Advent to seek out those who need love, food, help, or prayers?
Showing who Christ is speaks louder than any word.



Bonnie @ Uncommon Designs said...

This is just beautiful!

Megan @ Restoring the Roost said...

This is such a cute idea and a wonderful way to bring advent into the home and focus on Christ this Christmas. Love it! I'm going to have to do something similar to this at my house!

Robin {keephomesimple} said...

What a beautiful tradition. At this very moment we're stringing lights on our fresh Christmas tree as a family and watching White Christmas. I'm really looking forward to all the traditions that come with this special time of year. We're looking forward to doing the 12 days of Christmas for a few special families and as we try to look for other ways we can serve those around us, I hope our children too can feel the true meaning of Christmas.

Gumbo Lily said...

I love your Advent Wreath! This will be our first Advent with no children at home to share it with. Seasons. Wishing you treasured memories as you celebrate Jesus.

~Kristin~ said...

Loved this post Julia~
And was looking for a way to make this time of year more meaningful to us as well.
Thank you so much for sharing. I borrowed it and came up with an arrangement for us.
You were very inspiring~
Sweet Country Life

christan perona said...

LOVE this. I absolutely love the tasteful, simple spin on a meaningful holiday tradition. A friend gave me an "advent wreath" made of pottery last year. It is a hollow ring with four mini cups to hold the candles. I LOVE yours and might make some for gifts.

Christmas blessings to you and yours. xoxoxo

Carissa Anne said...

This is so inspiring.

Really touched my heart.

So Meaningful.

Love Carissa

Anne Marie said...

I was unfamiliar with Ann Voskamp until just recently, and was so pleasantly surprised to get a copy of her book from a visitor this pat October sweet! Christ speaks the loudest in the silence of Advent I believe...and you are always an inspiration Julia

thank you

Natalie Meester said...

I love your advent wreath adaption....very simple and very stunning!

I am trying to go back to living the simple life myself on our farm in Iowa.


mallory said...

Hi! Just saw this post on Pinterest and absolutely loved it! I was wondering where you got your little silver pails? All the ones I'm finding are more like brushed metal and have the indentations along the top. Thanks so much!

Julia said...

Hi Mallory! I bought the little tin pails at Target in their dollar section :).


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