Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Sinterklaas Day {St. Nicholas Day}

My Mom was born in Amsterdam and we grew up celebrating this fun little holiday every December 6th.
It has been so fun passing this on to our children. 
The night of December 5th, our kids set out their shoes...or boots... under the freshly decorated tree.

Somewhere along the line somebody had the bright idea that snow boots were the ultimate "shoe" to set out.
I think they were figuring it holds more:).

Over night, Sinterklaas comes to fill them with small goods. 
I add a couple of things, too:).

The kids get up one by one in the morning, all messy-haired and in their pajama comfies and open their gifts.

When I was little, we would find Zoute Drop {Dutch salted licorice} and milk chocolate letters in our shoes. My Mom would usually add a small ornament for each of us. I'd love to start doing that...maybe next year:).

My sweet Aunt sends a St. Nick's Day package for everyone, too, as this is truly something we all celebrate in our family!
She sent this delicious Christmas tea...
which I promptly had with breakfast!

The kids look forward to this and it has become a sweet and memorable tradition.

I hope you are blessed this season with your own simple traditions.
They mean so much!

Have a great day!


Leslie said...

this is so fun...what a great family tradition. my kids wanted to celebrate it this year, as it is my smallest ones birthday as well

Debby said...

I think that is a great tradition. We never did that but wish we would have.

Keep Home Simple said...

Oh what a fun tradition Julia! I love that it's something that your mom used to do and has been carried around from one generation to another.

Holly said...

I live in a small, very Dutch community in Wa. state and Sinterklaus just arrived on Saturday in our little town! We have a big lighted parade at night, but Sinterklaus arrives on his white horse with his sidekick, in the afternoon. I love seeing the traditions being carried on through the next generations...all except that salted licorice...yuk!!!! I've had it, but can't keep it in my mouth for long!!!
Thanks for sharing!

Holly said...

Sorry for the misspelling of Sinterklaas!

Julia said...

Holly, you must be from Lynden...I am guessing?? I love that town and have visited and YES you can buy Zoute Drop there! I could eat it by the pounds!! I think it is a very acquired taste:). So fun that Sinterklaas comes through town!


Amanda said...

how sweet.
I've never heard of this tradition, but my, it's a fine one.

thanks so much for sharing.

Unknown said...

I love family traditions like this! Thanks for giving us a peak of your own.

Anne Marie said...

yeah!! another family who does this...Julia - I just would love to be able to meet you some day -
because snow boots all the way here and the bit of "golden coins" that Saint Nicholas puts out just fills the tip toes darn it!
(I need to put my boots out!)
I would love to see more of your home...it looks so lovely!

NANCT said...

i love St. Nicholas day! I am not Dutch, but grew up and lived In New york city, where the history of the Dutch in New York is very rich. I so loved to put chocolate coins in wooden shoes and made dutch letter cookies. My children are now grown but I have so many happy memories. My husband and I just had some gingerbread with cream to celebrate. I love to decorate our house with dutch ornaments at Chrismtas, candles and wooden ornaments, Happy Holidays, Nancy. Salem, Oregon

Betty said...

Hi Julie, I so enjoyed this post, the snowboots made me smile. I noticed on your sidebar some gift wrap ideas, I'd love it if you would want to share at Shabby Tea Party. I've started a link party called Wednesday Wrap Party. Stop by sometime to link up and grab a button. Warm Hugs,

Shannon said...

Hi Julia -

I love this post. I grew up in Soutbern CA and never knew what St. Nicklas day was. I'd seen it on the calendar but that was the extent of my knowledge.

After moving to MN I learned all about it. What a fun tradition! Thank you for sharing it!


Tonya Gunn said...

My children want to do this each year and I just don't quite get it all together in time... what a beautiful sweet celebration.

Unknown said...

What a fun tradition!

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