Friday, January 20, 2012

Make a Canning Jar Dispenser

*I thought it would be fun to re-post this tutorial, as it is one of my most viewed posts!
This is a really fun weekend project and so easy to make:).
Wishing you a wonderful weekend!


I fell in love with this idea the minute I saw it... 

Canning jar soap dispensers are a fun and easy gift or useful item to make!
I have used our pump everyday for over a year now and it has held up beautifully.
That is saying a lot when you have four kids and a farmer husband.

I picked up the jar for 50 cents and a lid for $2 at a tag the whole project was really economical.

If you are interested in purchasing the antique zinc lids and blue Ball canning jars, Ebay or Craigslist are a great place to search.
I typed in "zinc canning jar lids" on Ebay and there were so many available for a reasonable price!
The same was true when I searched under "blue Ball canning jars."
 I loved that there were so many different sized blue jars! 
Tags sales are also a good avenue.

The pump is from a bottle of Suave lotion. It was the perfect zinc color.
You can also buy pumps from a craft supply store or online HERE.
I like to use what I have on hand, so the pump from the Suave lotion is perfect:).
To clean the pump out, just put it in a jar of warm soapy water and pump away until it is clean.

To make the soap/lotion dispenser:

 Measure the width of the top portion of your pump... the part with the spring in it.
Mine measured 1.5cm wide.

 Mark the center of your lid {on the top} with a small dot.

 The inside of the lid has a ceramic underside. You will need to remove it.

To do this, place the lid right side up with the ceramic side down on a hard surface.
Using a nail, or thin screw driver, tap a hole through the top....right on your mark.
This way, the ceramic is face down and will not shatter in your face:).

After you make the hole, this is what the underside will look like...

To remove the ceramic cap, I try to just tap it really hard right side up.
Most of the time, it will just fall out. If it won't budge, use protective gloves and remove it manually.
Be careful! You are dealing with sharp objects:).

Next, you will want to make a mark on the underside to use as a guide for your hole to put the pump in.
I {roughly} measure 1.5 cm in an "X" pattern to give me my dimensions.

Using needle nose pliers, slowly start to peel back the zinc. It is a light metal and easily bendable.
Remember, you are not going for perfection....just a hole big enough to fit the pump in.
It doesn't need to be perfectly round!
It is better to be on the snug side, as a hole too big will make the pump tend to be a bit floppy.
So, err on the side of being too small, test your pump as you go.
It is so easy to make the hole a little bigger!

 When the hole is sufficient to hold the pump, crimp the remaining tin back flat with your pliers so there are no sharp edges.

Now, insert the pump. It should be nice and snug and the top will cover the hole nicely.

Now to glue it in place.
I use my good old hot glue gun.
There are probably other great alternatives out there, but so far hot glue has held up wonderfully!
I tried Gorilla Glue once and it was a mistake for this project. So, if you are wanting to try something other than hot glue, just look for a waterproof product that dries quickly and doesn't expand.

Making sure the pump is firmly in place, first glue right along the base of the pump to the underside of the lid.

Next, add a little more glue to the pump... adhering a little more to the underside.
You want it to have a good base to hold it securely in place.

Let it dry thoroughly.
Lastly, you will need to trim off a small amount from the straw portion of the pump.
Insert it into the jar and estimate about how much needs to come off.
I like the bottom of the straw to be about 1/4 of an inch from the base of the jar.
Measure your straw and then measure the height of the jar to the rim.
This will help you determine where to cut.
I cut off about 1/2 inch of the Suave Lotion pump and had a quart sized jar.

Screw on the lid and whalaa!
You are wasn't that easy?

The dispensers are great gifts for birthdays, Christmas, hostess gifts, or just to use in your own home!
They pair really well with handmade dish towels:). 

Any canning jar will do. 
I personally have a clear jar as well as the antique blue version and both look beautiful!

Here is another example from Heather Bullard....

You can fill your jar with soap {or lotion}. I use mine in the bathroom and by the kitchen sink. I really like a clear soap. Costco's environmentally safe dish soap is wonderful and the scent is delicious!

The soap lasts forever and you have to fill it up so infrequently. 
With four kids and a farm we do a lot of hand washing around here:). 

Have a great day!



Holly said...

I see these all over the internet and now I know how to make my own thanks to you!
I can see using this for all kinds of things...laundry soap, lotion, dish soap, etc.
Thanks for sharing!!

Gumbo Lily said...

I followed your directions to making my own canning jar soap dispenser and I love it. The only little thing I did was to add a couple coats of clear polyurathane to the lid inside/outside so that the zinc doesn't react with the soap. Works great.


Amanda said...

It's so great that you reposted this.
You should consider reposting some of your valentines things too here soon. we are making those cookies again this year and putting them in cd holders for a valentines party.
sadie loved making them so much.

I think I'm going to pick up a few things today and make this dispenser.

everyday i'm loving mason jars more and more. just this week I organized my pantry and put all my dried beans, nuts and rices in quart and half gallon jars. and used pints for bath salts and scrubs in the bathroom.

mercy, how I'd love to have the time to blog about these things:)!, but maybe one day:-)

ScrapCrazyyyy! said...

Thanks for the tutorial. I tried this tonight and mine didn't turn out as cute as yours but it was fun to do. I am linking back to you on my blog.


Unknown said...

Hi Julia,
I want to give this a try! I just bought a whole new box full of canning jars... we use them for drinking too. So I have a ton of lids.
I was wondering... "can I also do this with the lid that comes with the jar?" Or does it have to be with the lid that you showed?

Unknown said...

And I am going to give the costco soap a try too!

Little gamer said...

They are so cool! I so want to make some!

Anonymous said...

This post almost brings tears to my eyes. I can't believe that you would intenionally RUIN a zinc lid! They are getting harder and harder to come by for a reasonable price. And to actually see pictures of you breaking the milkglass insert?!?! DO you have any idea how old they are?? I am a major jar collector and it seriously broke my heart reading this post, I couldn't even finish the post. This fine to do with reproduction lids - you know you can buy them right? Lots of different lids here But please don't keep ruining perfectly USEABLE lids. There are some people that like to actually USE these lids for storage and for canning!!!! Not to mention for wonderful display.

Anonymous said...

oh my goodness! I cannot believe you actually ruined something that belongs to you!!! How terrible of a person you are that you did not leave it in its original form for some "collector" to get their hands on and sell for an outrageous amount of money after you are gone. It brought tears to my eyes as I realized how happy it would make your family to be able to actually USE this item NOW in your everyday lives! You go girl! Haters gonna hate...

Sabrina said...

Love this tutorial... especially that you used an antique lid. Very lovely. Thank you for sharing!

TDL Hygiene said...

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