Monday, March 19, 2012

A Hearty Supper Soup with Homemade Croutons and Whole Wheat Buttermilk Rolls

Our first meal was a hit!
Everyone devoured the delicious soup and homemade rolls.
The Ginger Crisps were a nice dessert and are making a great snack for the kids.
I spent a little time in the kitchen preparing everything, but not much more than I usually do.
I've found that if I want to save money, that is usually the trade off. 
It is time well spent blessing my family:).

Here are the recipes...just in case you are wanting to follow along.
 In an effort to save a bit of time, I hope you don't mind that I am photographing the recipes:).

A Hearty Supper Soup with Homemade Croutons

From: The Many Blessings Cookbook by Jane Watson Hopping.

* I added 1 tsp. of garlic, and 2 TBS. dried parsley to the soup.
I also added our fresh, frozen tomatoes and green beans and used chicken bullion instead of stock.

FromThe Many Blessings Cookbook by Jane Watson Hopping.

Whole Wheat Buttermilk Rolls

From: The Many Blessings Cookbook by Jane Watson Hopping.

These rolls were so easy to make and have only one rise! 
I'm definitely keeping the recipe handy for nights when we need rolls fast.

Ginger Crisps

From: The Pioneer Lady's Country Kitchen by Jane Watson Hopping.

This meal was definitely a winner!
I had everything on hand and the recipes had simple ingredients.
It was filling and nutritious. 
I love Jane Watson Hopping...her books are filled with sweet stories like this one...

This year we decided we are going to share more of our harvest.
Even in our community, there are people who are hungry and in need right now.
I may not have the funding to help them financially, but I know I can definitely share in the harvest!

Have a great day!



Donna OShaughnessy said...

My friend Helen gave me her old cookbook before she dies ta age 100. These wonderful recipes reminded me of that. So many thanks!

Bonnie said...

Thanks Julia, for the reminder that we can all share from our plenty. What a great way to give backa measure that we have been given. This meal is just as I like them. Simple but good.

Natalie said...

I will be trying the whole wheat rolls very very soon. They look delicious. Thank you for sharing.

Anonymous said...

Yummy Ju! I think I may have to give it a try! :]

Linda said...

This looks absolutely DELICIOUS!!
Thanks for sharing the recipes!

My husband and I do not waste a thing. With a big batch of soup - we could make several meals and freeze even more. I love having extras at the ready!

Amanda said...

love this my friend!
what a great challenge as a wife and a homemaker!!!

I'm going to be trying these recipes for sure.

I'm needing some springy inspiration in the kitchen these days.
today it was 76 degrees! I had lentil soup on the menu tonight and that hit the fan;) we fired up the grill instead:)
looking forward to reaind more about the depression era cooking from you.
we could all do well to learn more of this way of life:)

Unknown said...

That looks so very good Julia!

When we are tight on money I look for recipe's from my very own "very old" cook book! One gave it to me and it is now about 60 years old. It first came out right after WWII. when Holland was getting everything cleaned up and rebuild what was all destroyed there was for a long time little money for good meals. This cook book is now mine and it has helped me out in many ways.
There were times when we were in Mo. we had a ton of cucumbers and I found many recipe's of what you could do with cucumbers. It was amazing! Ever stir fried cucumbers?
It is pretty good. And the kids are so forgiving...they don't even realize that these are hard times.
Just pray and thank Him for what He has provided.
Thank you for sharing these lovingly prepared meals for your family with us.

Sorry this became such a long comment... I have not been on-line to read up on things. My computer is ready for fixing up. And I wanted to take the time to chat a little.
Bye for now Julia.
Have a wonderful week!

Mary @ Neat and Tidy said...

What a wonderful post. My mother was born during the Depression; she was #7 in a family that would eventually have 10 children. I often think of Gramma and Grampa raising these children on their farm and how did they ever do it.

I'm looking forward to each recipe you post.

~Kristin~ said...

Julia~ I love that you are sharing this week with us!
How inspiring...
It's cool and rainy here today, so I think I will make this recipe for stew and rolls tonight.
Looks delicious!

Laura said...

I think that what you are doing is really neat and inspiring! I was thinking about how some things get lost in translation, though. The example that comes to mind is buttermilk. My aunt and uncle had a small dairy, and got all of their milk and dairy products from their own cows. True buttermilk is a left-over from when you leave cream on the counter overnight, then make butter. It's yummy and tangy, but very thin, and nothing like the cultured buttermilk that is so expensive in the stores. My aunt would make buttermilk biscuits or pancakes, but if there was more leftover buttermilk after that, it usually went to the cats! It got me to thinking about how sometimes when we read 'depression era' recipes some of the ingredients might seem expensive, that's all! Your meal looks great and I requested those books from my library so I can check them out.

-Laura at TenThingsFarm

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