Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Spring is Here

Spring is finally here in our valley and we are so thrilled to be outside a little more!
I am getting ready for an Easter get together this weekend with all of my family...and a few friends.
I love this time of new life!

My sweet hubby built me this table a few years ago and we use it often.
It is nestled near the garden, so we can enjoy the view as things start to grow.
My Mom built the long bench for me...the table is 12 feet long, so I think the bench is close to 11 feet.
It's so nice to have something that fits a large family cozily:).
I have added a few white chippy chairs on one side an hope to pick up a couple more this week.
The weather is supposed to be nice on Sunday, so it looks promising that we may be able to eat out here for Easter.

I love it when my kids can just explore and enjoy the outdoors.
These two cutie patooties built a fort between trees using sheets, quilts, and clothes pins.

My oldest has been rototilling the garden for sweet!
He has another tiller that he totally rebuilt and it hooks behind a lawn mower {that he also built}.
I have mechanics in the making:).

We planted peas, kale, onions, and more peas this week.

I have some lovely helpers.
My kids really love to garden!

Primroses add a little pop of color to our front porch.
I have used this bucket for many things's so handy!

Ruthie, our puppy, is no longer a puppy now.
She is such a sweet dog and smart as a whip.
Lily is using her in 4-H this year.

Our ingenuousness Tim decided he wants to raise a few fryers and built this chicken tractor by himself.
He is almost finished and has since added wheels.
Pretty amazing!
I'll pick up the chicks on will be fun to have them for Easter.
We'll be putting them in the freezer about June...I'll let you know how that goes:).

Tim's little steers are growing like weeds.

A few dapper daffodils have emerged and shine their joyful colors.

We went to help friends brand recently.
It is such a fun time for everyone.

My chicks are enjoying their last few days of freedom.
As we were planting peas the other day, I looked back to see that one girl had enjoyed the whole row.
Sneaky, I tell ya!
I didn't even see her.

All around us are the signs of God's goodness.
The beauty and order that he implements inspire me to no end.
New life is everywhere and as we end the Lenten season this week, I pray you feel a sense of renewal and excitement for life!
It is so amazing.



christan perona said...

Beautiful post. I absolutely LOVE your table with the bench and white chairs. I'm sure you'll have some fabulous Easter meals around it.

Thanks for the reminder of how blessed we truly are. Happy Easter.

~ko said...

Once again, a delightful post to read! I love seeing all your "little helpers" :) And the table, chairs and bench are gorgeous! Have a wonderful day :)

Amanda said...

be still my heart...

pit pat pit pat.

love this post julia.

love that table arrangement!!!
so yOU!!!

I'll be praying.
praying for lovely weather for easter shin-dig:)

Kim said...

Loved seeing the things going on at your farm especially your boys taking on manly tasks. Just like a homeschooling farming family! Blessings!

Cheyenne said...

Oh, Julia, I have too many words to fit in here...

Love seeing glimpses of your life!

Valerie said...

I'm with Cheyenne...I just have too many thoughts to share.

So, I'll just share this...

thank you for your new friendship! You are such an inspiration. May this Holy Week bring your closer to our Lord and may you and your family have a most blessed Easter!


Maryjean said...

love this post! My question is answered, you do have chickens on your farm. I'm new to your site, but love it. We have a big garden and enjoy your recipes for canning.

The Respectable Redneck said...

I love the table, bench and chippy chairs. I'm planning on building one myself this year.

Lisa said...

Gosh it looks lovely! Can I move in? Just kidding, but it still looks so inviting.

Unknown said...

Beautiful Post!

Enjoy true Love and laughter at your beautiful table!

Laurel Stephens said...

Your farm photos have made my day, and I'm sure wishing I was there instead of the city this morning! My husband recently inherited a milk can (just like the one by your table) that's been painted an unattractive color. Yours has convinced me to give it some elbow grease and strip the paint off. I love it. Thanks for the inspiration today.

Bevy @ Treasured Up and Pondered said...

Your mom built that bench? HOw cool is that? I so love that table a lot.

Love this post all around. :)

Snooks said...

Love the table. I need to start looking around for some scrap wood and see if we can put together something similar. We are outside all summer long and nice big table would come in handy. Love your hens too. Great photos!

@ 3Beeze Homesetad

Debbie said...

Love the table, bench and chippy chairs. Praying for sunshiney weather for your Easter party!

Michelle said...

Your post just makes me smile. Love the table. Can't wait till we can get out doors more.

Michele said...

Very beautiful, Julia! Makes me want to move in and be your neighbor. After our AF life, I am praying the Lord will bless us with some land!


Dear Julia,

look at your children skills! It's amazing how much they learn watching and helping their parents in working the land.
We are lucky to live that way! Aren't we?

I love that table and the setting!Wow!

Easter blessings to you and your beautiful family.


Gumbo Lily said...

Can I come live with you? Your family seems so nice and so industrious too. I miss my kids being around when I see pictures like this. Enjoy them. ( know you do)


Katy said...

Oh my!!! Going through some of your posts and I saw this one and that your pup is named Ruthie! I have a dog named Ruthie too! She is my shadow! ;) People always look at me funny when they find out her name is Ruthie! I also call her Ruthers, sometimes! :o)
Love all the photos you share!

sherry said...

i am completely enjoying reading through your posts (thank you for visiting my humble little blog), gleaning so very much for the deepest nooks and crannies of my heart. blessings...

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