Friday, June 15, 2012

Flossie and the Adopted Banties

A few weeks ago, we bought three of the cutest little chicks.

I am sorry to say that we lost to a certain cat with a very innocent look on her face and another escaped out of the open door of the coop...left open by yours truly.
It happens on a farm, although I was still a little disappointed.
Only Flossie, the little White Leghorn survived.

She was quiet and hid both times.
We picked up three little Birchin Cochin Banties who are just darling and about three weeks younger than the first batch.

I think that we have one rooster...which will be perfect!
I like little roosters:).
Poor sweet Flossie was lonely, but I didn't dare put her with the tiny, fluffy little Banties for fear she might peck at them.
So a couple of weeks ago, I made a small pen with a divider where she could see her new pals, but not touch them:).
She went wild and just paced the "fence" all night.
The next day, she found a way in...and the rest is history!
We found her clucking gently at the chicks, trying to coax them to huddle under her wings.
 If they made the slightest move, she was there to make sure they were safe.
She wanted to be a mama...and the three Banties were so happy to have her.
They made the cutest little cooing sounds to their "Mama."
It was hard to believe...Flossie hadn't even laid an egg yet!

They are a little bigger now, but she still insists that they are her babies.
I would call them "pre-teen chickies" and she really keeps them in line...when she clucks, they listen!

In a way, I have a heart like Flossie.
I could have a dozen kids and be happy.
I see children at the grocery store that I know are not in a good situation... and I want to take them home.
Lily peruses the state site for adoption and regularly picks out a sister:).
Darren's heart is just as big:).
A home full of children, full of love for them no matter what the situation, enjoying them for who God has created them to so rewarding and lends to a happy life.

I guess Flossie knew that from the start:).



Kim said...

Sorry you lost chicks. The new ones are great looking! I'm guessing the last pic has the rooster in front?

Laurel Stephens said...

I love chickens! What a touching story.

Keeping It Cozy said...

I love this story - how sweet! We are hoping to get some chicks this year and I can't wait. Growing up it was always my chore to care for our chickens... it's amazing the personalities they can have! And you are so right about a home full of children... I could never have imagined the joy my girls would bring each day. Have a wonderful weekend!

Valerie said...

Loved this post! So sweet on so many levels...and you're's all about loving each other exactly where we are.

Debby said...

Ahhhhhh Flossie yo are so sweet.
My dog Piper (hes a boy not a girl) is the mother in our home. He mothers my yorkie and me all the time. I just think it is so sweet.

Unknown said...

Awww! That is so cute!! Flossie is a darling. You are so lucky to have a sweet chicken like that.

Proof that chickens are pets. Productive pets, but pets nonetheless!

Gumbo Lily said...

I lost more chicks than usual this spring...they just died. It happens. Sometimes there are animals that are natural mothers and will adopt anyone. I love seeing that. Flossie is so pretty next to her babies!

Michele said...

Oh, Julia, I know that feeling! Adoption is such an amazing thing, it calls my heart continuously!
Love the pictures!

Kathy said...

Children really are what fill a home with such love. I adore children as well, thankful for the 4 Gods given me.

terricheney said...

A recent viewer of your blog and I must say this story speaks to me. I have some 'stray chick' children, young adults, who call me Mama, mom in law and Mumsie. I 'adopted' them over the past few years courtesy my children bringing them home, lol.

But it also speaks to me because I've a dog who, though she'd been spayed as a pup, had a Mama's heart too. She loved kittens and cats,baby rabbits and armadillos and a possum (YIKES) on a regular basis until we brought home a puppy. Then she became all alpha doggie in front of us and kept the puppy in it's place...Until the day we were up extra early and caught them playing tag in the yard, lol.

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