Wednesday, June 20, 2012

A Fourth of July Skirt

The Fourth is such a fun day and what better way to celebrate than to dress up in a new Fourth of July skirt.
OK, so you could totally wear this any time of the year... but it is perfect for the Fourth!

I love to shop locally, and we have a really wonderful fabric store in town that had this great navy check!
It is 100% cotton and nice and thick.
I made this skirt for myself with a 2 inch waist band and two charming big pockets.
The back is elastic so it is really comfy and forgiving:).

I made my own pattern because I wanted something different than what you can typically find at the chain stores. 
I also really do not like slips...and the fabric is thick enough you can go without.
The length is just perfect below the knee and it is oh so cool and breezy on a hot Summer day.

Would you like one for the Fourth, too?
I went down and bought the rest of the bolt, I liked the fabric so much!
I have enough to make two more skirts.

I've listed them in my Etsy shop...The Field Barn.


Have a lovely day!



Leslie said...

That is a really cute skirt. Reminds me of Dorothy from The Wizard of Oz. I always have liked crisp blue and white together. Just looks so fresh. :)

Michelle said...

I don't wear skirts. But I think it is very cute.

Alexis said...

Such a cute skirt, I love skirts especially in that print. Nice job!

Anne Marie said...

super cute!


You're so skilful Julia!
That is really a beautiful skirt!

Gumbo Lily said...

Terrific skirt! I love wearing skirts in summer as opposed to shorts. I just bought three colors of gingham -- red, light blue, and pink. I plan on making some sun dresses for my grangirlies. (we are thinking alike!)

Unknown said...

Super super Julia! I love it!
I know what you mean with the slip under (cute) skirt feeling.
I too dislike slips... And so often I have made a skirt to come to find out that the skirt is totally shine through!
So now I just automatically sew them with lining. No more waistband over waistband Yay!

Have a great evening!


Amanda said...

Clever and creative Julia. The colors are fitting for the forth. Ilove the deep pockets and it looks to be cool and comfortable for the heat.
I just picked up a skirt last week at the goodwill with pockets and needless to say, it's my favorite skirt now:)

Happy weekend.

Michele said...

So cute! Ashton only wears dresses and skirts- can't wait to show her your newest project!

Kathleen said...

Adorable! Do you sell your patterns?

Kathleen said...
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