Friday, July 6, 2012

How I Grow Pumpkins

Pumpkins are such a fun vegetable to grow and this year I tried to plant a lot!
I think I ended up with 25 hills germinating, and I am hoping that by hand pollinating, I will have many pumpkins and gourds.
We have a little later frost here in Central WA and to speed up the process, I use this industrial grade fabric that I received from my brother who is in construction.
I have holes cut where I plant each hill and just lay it out in the late Spring.

Rocks are used to keep it in place...we have a lot of wind here!
The black fabric heats up the soil and {best of all} there are virtually NO WEEDS! Yay!

I only have one 25'x12' piece of the construction fabric, and so I use black plastic for the rest of my hills.
Same concept...just cut holes where the hills will go.
I did use some wood chips to keep the plastic in worked great.
The black plastic is less "eco friendly," so if you are worried about it, the construction fabric is the way to go.

I do eventually cover the plastic with straw so that the gourds have a soft place to ripen.

I till the soil in each hill with a shovel and usually put some rich manure filled soil to enrich it.
I let the dirt cover around the opening in the plastic/fabric so that the wind can't whip it around.
The seeds germinate much faster, and the heat created from the cover really helps the plants grow quickly.

After the season is done, I just pull up the fabric, shake it off, and fold it up to be reused next year.
It will last forever!
The black plastic might last two seasons, but most of the time I buy a new roll.

It really makes growing pumpkins easy and less time-consuming.
If you are interested in purchasing construction grade landscape fabric, you can contact your local construction supply store to see if they carry the product.
It lasts forever and is worth the investment!
There is a fabric called "Nonwoven Propex 4553" which is not treated with any toxic products and made by Propex Fabrics at
You could call and locate a dealer near you HERE  :).

Have a great weekend!



Joy said...

I LOVE pumpkins! One year we had a huge garden full of them, but we haven't planted any at our current house. Thanks for these growing tips, as I'm sure they'll come in handy!

Anonymous said...

Your pumpkins look great, they are growing fast. What a great tip about the plastic or textile !!
I wish I had more space, but I only have a little Dutch garden ; )
Have a wonderful weekend.

Bonnie said...

Great tips Julia. Anything that cuts down on the weeds is terrific.

Sarah M. said...

I don't have a garden. Sadness. Maybe someday. Reading your posts about gardening/farm life make it sound so fun. ☺ I live in your neck of the woods and the wind is CRAZY! Thank you for your lovely blog, its one of my favorites! ☺

Gumbo Lily said...

That looks like a smart way to do it! Pumpkins need so much room to sprawl that weeds really do become a factor. I've only got a couple pumpkin plants this year. It'll be plenty enough for the grandgirls. How many pumpkins do you anticipate this fall? Do you sell them or ask friends to come pick them for jack-o-lanterns?

Sabrina said...

This is the 2nd post I've read about someone using this fabric. I'd never heard of anyone doing it before. I have done gardens for 12 yrs or so and I just use our grass mulch since it adds nutrients and makes the dirt better for the next year. Usually with pumpkins there's no weeds atleast in mine there never is since they smother out all light and growth of weeds. We have around 30 orange pumpkins already this year and I'm actually making pumpkin puree in the kitchen as I'm writing this. lol Growing pumpkins and gourds is fun. :)

Suzannejgtg said...

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