Thursday, August 30, 2012

Freezing Spinach

Spinach is a wonderful green that can be used in so many ways: fresh in a salad, cooked with a little lemon juice, or in lasagna or quiches.
It is so easy to grow and germinates at 40 degrees, so it can be planted early or even grown in a cold frame in the winter.
I freeze some to have in casseroles, as a side, or other dishes throughout the winter. 
It is great for green smoothies:).
Here is how to freeze spinach...

Pick your spinach and choose fresh healthy looking leaves.
Rinse them thoroughly and discard any browned, damages leaves.

Bring a large pot of water to a boil and then put the spinach in.
Have a bowl or clean sink of ice water ready.
Start timing as soon as your put your spinach in and then remove it after 2 minutes and put into ice water.
This will stop it from cooking.
Blanching helps it to retain a lot of color and nutrition.
Next, you will want to get it as dry as possible by running it through a salad spinner, or draining in a colander and patting dry.
I like to package in 1-2 cup quantities in quart Ziploc bags.
Make sure to get as much air out as possible.
Label and freeze.
It is that easy!



Valerie said...

Thank you for this simple tutorial. I didn't grow spinach this year, but my Nevada bibb lettuce did so well, I'm going to expand my crop next to include different greens. Lettuce from the garden was such a treat this year!

Maureen Wyatt said...

Home frozen spinach tastes so much better than grocery store frozen! ~ Maureen

Anonymous said...

I have always loved spinach.

You have such a pretty blog!


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