Tuesday, August 28, 2012

There is a Hint of Fall in the Air...

Fall is teasing us with a cool nip in the air early morning.
The hot, dry, steamy days are gone and replaced with cool comfortable nights again.
We are almost ready for an extra blanket on the beds.

My garden is looking a little less beautiful.
The flowers are trying to hang on a little longer until first frost.
 {All garden pictures by Lily and Tim.}

Canning, drying, and freezing are in full swing.
I have been so blessed by people giving us free apricots.
I have been drying them, making apricot fruit leather, and lots of jam!
Isn't the color so pretty?

I find myself listening to Allison Krause...her music just feels Fallish to me:)

When I have a quiet moment, skimming through some of my favorite catalogs is relaxing.

Love this. I might make it.
Most of the time, I am just a looker...looking for ideas and creative inspiration.
Ideas are the best, and if you can make it....why not!

The kids are getting ready for a whole 5 days of Fair.
The boys are showing their pigs and Lily will be showing her dog, Ruth.
Look at that mud:)!
Another happy muddy pig:).
Sweet Lily and Ruth have been working hard training for their shows.
Jack likes to help, too.

Fair is such a nice end to the summer and then school starts!
We are going to ease into it this year and then try to wrap up around mid-May.
When you farm, that schedule seems to be a better fit:).
So I have been planning and sorting and cleaning...freshening everything for a new year of learning.
This year, my two oldest are taking a couple of classes at our local school...like woodshop and agriculture.
I think it should be a fun thing for them, especially throughout the long winter months when we are a little cooped up!
We will also be taking a couple of classes at a new homeschool co-op in town this winter.
It should be a really enjoyable year!

Fall also has me planning days using my time more productively.
Summer lends itself to kind of free-flowing and now that the sun is going down a little earlier, school is ahead of us, and there is still the laundry, dishes, playtime, snuggling, clean up, outside chores, meal-time...did I mention laundry?
Yes, disciplining myself to order the day really does let me accomplish more.
I love feeling like I have used my time wisely and in a way that glorifies God.
I also have to really weed through all of the possible activities that we could do.
I tend to over-do it sometimes, and have learned that less is more....simple living lets you find more time for LIFE and connection as a family:).

I hope that you are savoring these last few days of summer before the lovely Fall weather comes!
Fall is my favorite season and I love all of the coziness it brings to our home and our hearts as we spend a little more time close together.



La Fleur Shabby Homestyle and Flowers said...

hallo julia,
das sind wundervolle impressionen von deinem zuhause und natürlich von deinen kindern.

ich wünsche euch allen eine wunderschöne sonnige woche und bis bald

allerliebste grüße


~ko said...

Lovely post to read this morning :) We too are gearing up for Fall and all the newness and routines it will bring. Your pictures as usual are beautiful, inspiring and full of God's goodness and glory! Have a wonderful Tuesday!

Debby said...

You are amazing. To home school and to farm and do all that you do......good for you. The dress your sweet daughter has on is just like the one in the catalog.
Those piggies need a little bath, hah.

Bevy @ Treasured Up and Pondered said...

I love Allison Krauss' music...

That dress of Lily's is so sweet, too.

This whole post is a breath of fresh air. ;) Fall is coming... yay!

Kris said...

Your post was nostalgic for me. I live in the city and have adult children but, I am originally from Amish country and home schooled my kids. Your post was like a little trip home today. :-)

Valerie said...

Hello Julia!

Beautiful post today. I just read an interesting post by Ann Voskamp a few days ago...in it she talks about the necessity of pruning back fruitful activities...activities that you know are beautiful and full of purpose...but that can prohibit us from reaching our full potential LATER on in life. This is such a challenge for me...I would love for Mary Catherine to be in 4H, Brownies, Piano, Ballet, etc. We just can't choose to do all those activities (as well as other siblings!) even though all of them provide some type of spiritual growth and benefit! Such a dilemma.

But in the end, you are correct in stating, that fostering FAMILY is the most important activity we can engage in! After all, it is our job as wives and mothers to sanctify our family life...to help our spouses and children get to heaven!

Blessings sweet friend,


Gumbo Lily said...

I'm a big Allison Krause fan too and I love listening to her anytime! Your kids took some lovely pictures, and that apricot jam is a beautiful gem! I love hearing about summer's end at your place. We're still sweltering hot here, but we know fall is coming -- the leaves are beginning to turn already!

Lisa said...

It is approaching, isn't it? I'm ready for some yummy smelling pumpkin candles, warm mugs of chocolate and wearing jeans, sweatshirts and boots.

Unknown said...

I love listening to Allison Krause, too! I've been to few concerts in my life, by she is one I actually went to hear live. Nights are cooling off here as well and we're needing the patio heater to eat outside now in the evening... fall is on the way!!! (My favorite season)

Mandy said...

ahhh, school planning...guess i should get to that;) did you make your daughter's gorgeous dress she's wearing? goodness i wish i could learn to sew! it's lovely! if you ever choose to make any to sell, i'm sure my 8 yr old would be thrilled:)

Bev said...

Yes, we here in Canada are having one of those really, chilly, fall is coming kind of mornings. It's my favorite time of year. We've been homeschooling on our farm for over 16 years and I still look forward to the fall routine. We recently watched the documentary Indoctrination. You may find it a useful tool. My hubby actually stayed awake from start to finish.

KatieBelle said...

Hi there! I luv your blog! Are you in Eburg? If so, how did I miss meeting you? ;) We just moved to SC (check out my new adventures at redstarroost@blogspot.com) and I miss it all dearly! Your blog makes me so homesick....Have fun livin' at the fair!

Ngo Family Farm said...

Oh, this post speaks to my heart! I love this time of year, too. Your home and everything you touch is so, so beautiful. Hope your lovely children have a wonderful showing at the fair :)

Heather Anne said...

Beautiful post ... and a great reminder to use our limited time wisely for the Lord. I often have very limited energy because of chronic illness, but I certainly want to use what I have to be a blessing to my family and bring glory to the Lord. I really enjoy your blog and the pictures of your farm! It inspires me to do more with the little 1 acre piece of land we have been blessed to own.

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