Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Keeping It Cozy...Country Living Blog Awards

I have a sweet bloggy friend who has the blog Keeping It Cozy.
She writes beautifully about her life, home renovation projects, and has some wonderful food recipes to boot!
Her little farm house is simply amazing and the projects that she and her husband have tackled together are inspiring:).
Keeping It Cozy has been nominated for The Country Living Blue Ribbon Blogger Awards, which is so impressive as there were thousands of entries!!
Visit Keeping It Cozy ...I am sure my friend would love to have you stop by and say hello:). 
I am positive you will leave inspired by her creativity:).
You can also vote for her until Sept. 17th by clicking on the icon below !!

I love supporting Mom's who are reaching out with their talents and endeavors...all the while being at home:).



Keeping It Cozy said...

Julia, whenever I see you have a new post, I always click right over. You can imagine my surprise when I saw my name in your subject. I'm not sure I can express how much your thoughtful words meant to me. Thank you so much, my dear blog friend! You never fail to inspire me and I'm always thankful for your encouraging and beautiful posts. I hope you and your sweet family are having a wonderful evening.


Julia, I see we have another mutual friend!
I already voted for her last week!

Hugs to you


Amanda said...

I remember finding Andrea's blog via a comment that she left here.

I've been a follower over at Keeping it Cozy ever since thanks to you!

I'm sharing this joyful time with you for her friend!

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