Friday, October 5, 2012

Farm Sale Tomorrow!

If you are local and are looking for a fun something to do tomorrow in Ellensburg, WA...come to the Glory Farm Barn Sale!
My Mom and I have a booth and will be selling some lovely things.
Just look at this farm...
The sale has about 5 vendors that will be selling everything from antiques, barn wood frames, and other treasures.

Isn't the house charming?

Pat and Ellen are wonderful people and their farm just says "welcome!"
I will have a few of my pumpkins for sale, ruffled table runners, my Mom has so many lovely antiques...and we have a reclaimed wood farm table...

So, I hope you feel welcome to take a drive and come visit us at Glory Farm tomorrow from 9am-5pm.

Happy Fall!



Lisa said...

That sounds like such a delightful day! Beautiful pictures, I wish I COULD go.

Gone Country said...

What a beautiful setting! So wish I lived closer. Good luck and most of all enjoy the day and have fun!

Valerie said...

Wishing you a successful sale! Your pumpkins are darling!!!

Bevy @ Treasured Up and Pondered said...

I was hoping that post title didn't mean your farm.

Wow. This farm is beautiful! I too wish I lived closer. I love the carved pumpkins...

Happy Sales to you!!!!!

Debbie said...

I just I could go!!!! I would LOVE a day like that. Good luck with your sales and have fun. :)

Debbie said...

I just I could go!!!! I would LOVE a day like that. Good luck with your sales and have fun. :)

Unknown said...

Oh what a bummer, I have plans this weekend and won't be back on time.
(lol) What I mean to say is...
I wish I lived closer.
The setting it looks perfect... charming and just right.
So peaceful.
I would have loved to visit and chat
and never leave!

Have a great weekend and great sales.



Cheyenne said...

That house! That house----is beyond what my dreams would be made of. I seriously LOVE IT! I bet it is absolutely beautiful inside too. Love the swing on the deck...

Your pumpkins are too cute for words. Best of luck at the sale. Would love to see more photos! ;)

Michele said...

Hope it went well, Julia! So wish I lived closer and could have been there!

Gumbo Lily said...

I hope you had a great sale. Looks like a lovely place to spend a day working or shopping. LOVE those pun'kins.


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