Saturday, November 17, 2012

Advent Calendar Ideas

Advent is a season of hope.
Four weeks to deeply reflect on the birth of our Savior and to encompass peace, the anticipated wait, and a glorious ending.
Advent is from the Latin "adventus," which means "coming."
I want the hope that is coming...don't you?
I also want my children to fully embrace this quiet the midst of a culture that zips and zooms with commercial decor and gifts overflowing.
I want to focus on heart giving, abundant and joyous giving of ourselves this Advent.
The world needs so much more of it!
So along with our theme of an Advent calendar with a little surprise each day, we are going to have a slip of paper with a gift to give to others that day.
A kind act toward a family member.
A trip to the retirement home with cookies.
Leaving a small gift in the mailbox of a lonely neighbor.
Opening our home to hospitality.
A random act of kindness toward someone that we may have hurt.

So here are some really wonderful and beautiful Advent calendar ideas...all from my PINTEREST {click here} board :).

DIY - Advent Calendar
Advent calendar activity cards ~ how cute. Loving the red pattern.




Here is what we did last year...

A simple Advent calendar....

And who can forget about the wreath and all of the fun of lighting a candle each week?
We use Ann Voskamp's Jessie Tree Advent Celebration.
You can print it out for free :).
Each night we read at the dinner table and light a candle, turn the lights down, and it is such a special moment in our busy day.
You can read about our Advent wreath and traditions HERE...

Pinned Image

I am so excited about this lovely season just beginning.
Can you hardly believe Thanksgiving is upon us?
I will be back early next week with a special Dutch Appeltaart recipe.
It is sooo good and perfect for the holidays...and something you can bake with your kids.



Lisa said...

This is so in line with what I have been craving, both from blogs and from my Holiday Season. Thanks for sharing these fantastic ideas. I am on a quest to minimize Christmas.

Gumbo Lily said...

I like the simplicity of pinned envelopes. Your ideas are so good. We always lit Advent candles and read a small devotional. Now it's just hubby and me, and we still take time to reflect during Advent.

Anne Marie said...

surprisingly there are not enough classic Advent images anywhere online...I think you and I need to change that ;-)

Anonymous said...
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Sarah M. said...

I am new to Advent celebrations. Thank you for sharing. It was perfect and stated so clearly. I want my girls to know all of this. These ideas are wonderful and I hope to start one this year! :)

Jacqueline said...

I love your advent ideas, so heartwarming. And I always enjoy your pinterest boards!!!!!

Terri Ashby said...

Did you know that in England the Sunday before Advent is called Stir up Sunday? Traditionally we make our Christmas puddings on this day. Everyone in the family has to take a turn stirring the mixture for good luck which is steamed in a basin for 7 hours before rewrapping and storing away 'til being reheated and srved flaming with brandy on Christmas day. My grandmama's puddings also contained silver charms but the powers that be frown on this these days - health and safety and all that!


I feel the same about this coming season. I desperately need (and I think humanity needs) to focus and feel the true values of Christmas.
Thankls Julia.


Olyvia said...

Thank you for this post! I had started on an advent calendar using Scripture, but never finished it and your link to the Jesse Tree book is so perfect. Even though our boy is only 11 months right now, my husband and I feel it is the perfect time to begin a new tradition as we start his first Christmas season and that of his future siblings the way it is mean to be, centered around Christ's coming. Love this!

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