Saturday, June 8, 2013

Old Family Pictures

My love for old family pictures runs thick through my heart...
I am slightly addicted to collecting photos, learning about the precious people before me, and discovering those similarities in characteristics.
I have been blessed to find a fourth cousin who has graciously been sending me pictures of the family. 
I love having these treasures to share with the rest of my family...and my children!

My Great Great Grandparents Mary Jane and Aaron...aren't they sweet?
Mary Jane's family were fresh out of France....Aaron came from a long line of Amish and then German Baptist ministers.

They look so in love.
I have read letters that my Great Grandma Hazel wrote to her parents and you could feel the closeness.

Hazel Mae was my Great Grandma on my Dad's side.
She is the one person I wish I could have met...beautiful inside and Dad's cousins still shed tears because they miss her so.
She was that kind of person.
She loved no matter what and showed every grace in the face of adversity.
Facing many trials throughout her life, she handled them as if she was thankful for the present...good or bad.
She lived with less and gave more... and knew that you can't live for tomorrow, but today is a treasure!
I love that she has taught me so much, yet I never had the chance to place my tiny arms around her waist as a child.

We named Lily after her...they share the same middle name.
I think there is even a resemblance and their birthdays are exactly a month apart.
My Great Aunts {Hazel's daughters and my Grandpa Jack's sisters} riding their horses together.
My Aunt Mary {on the right} cracks me up. Her hair was always perfectly bouffant.
Aren't they the cutest?

{My Dad at age 1 with my handsome Grandpa Jack.}

My Grandpa and Dad were shining examples of what a Father should be.
They cared deeply, they looked into your eyes when you talked to them, never let us acquire things the easy way, and showed us the value of work.
I married a man just like them :). 
{Grandpa Jack on his horse Pip.}

{My Great Grandparents and family.}

Like a bridge of love, tying the generations together, I know that what these people passed on is perseverance and an undying love of family.
They weren't perfect and made many mistakes...I am sure.
But who is perfect?
Not me.
They knew toil and hardship, worked calloused hands, faced death from war, mistakes were made, and lives  were made wonderful because of their timeless faith and love and ability to look for the good in all of that.
They rose above hard times and pain and were thankful for what they had.
What they had was simple and enough.

My Uncle told me he and my Dad used to love spending summers with my Great Grandparents, Hazel and LeRoy as teenagers.
They lived in Idaho during the 1960's in a very small house with no running water and a wood cook stove.
My Uncle said you would never had known that they were tight on money.
They lived rich with nothing.
{My Dad and his Grandma.}

My Dad and Uncle remember the meals being delicious, the beds being comfy, and that the time was something that molded them into good men.
Goodness does not have to come from money or acquisitions.
It comes from building one another up...loving deeply...and choosing joy because it is all there in the grace.

This next weekend is Father's Day.
 I am so very thankful for my Dad and all that he instilled in us.
He gave so much of himself and spent enormous amounts of time with his kids and grandkids.
I am so very overcome with love for the man I married. His love for our children is immeasurable.
{My Dad as a baby with his family.}

I am thankful for my Grandpas, Great Grandpas, and even my Great Great Grandpas.
They all gave us something wonderful.

Tender hearts, hardworking ethics, and perseverance.
The ability to be thankful for today.
You can't live out your tomorrows, but you can live today in thankfulness.

Wishing you a day of grace and appreciation for those that came before you...



MarmePurl said...

Building one another up. That's what it's all about. Wonderful post Mrs. Julia.

Unknown said...

What a beautiful post. I see your heart in this post and feel very much like a kindred spirit. I love the very same things you spoke of. Thank you for sharing!
Angela (Lynne)

Bevy @ Treasured Up and Pondered said...

Ooohhh. I love this. I love old photos and all the stories that go with.

In fact, I have a post in que of the same idea, for sometime down the road. But what I need is to hear more stories. Which means waiting for a few family reunions coming up.

I love this post of yours. It's neat to hear (read) and of course the part of your Great, Great Grandfather being from Amish and German Baptist - had me intrigued.

I wanted to tell you that the lady, your Great Grandma - Hazel Mae-which you named your daughter after - now I see YOU! all over her. You look a lot like her, yourself. :) Somehow, I think you have the same personality as well.

Enjoy your family memories, today.

Anonymous said...

Love your blog. Always fun to read

Amy Johnson said...

A lovely post. Thank you sharing and giving me pause to reflect on my family before me and especially my wonderful dad who has been gone nearly 25 years.

Unknown said...

Julia, this is a lovely post and a celebration your family. We found a stash of old photo's from my husbands family and have had them framed and displayed in our lounge. It's a pity that some of the older photo's no one knows who they all are but we love them anyway as they are part of his history.

Fathers Day here is in September but will be thinking of you as you celebrate Fathers Day this year.

Anonymous said...

Absolutely beautiful Julia....
I love old pictures too...each one a story...each life a story....and how fast life goes can't ask for anything better to be passed down than 'faith'!
God bless, Corinne


we have the same passion Julia and we feel so proud of those who came before us, don't we?

Kris Gnuse said...

Wow. This is a treasure. Thanks for letting us adopt your rich heritage a bit by sharing them with us. It's a pleasure to make their acquaintance.

Simply At Home said...

beautiful spoken..I felt I was reading a book about your family.

Kathy said...

I am so thankful to have found your blog! I was on Pinterest, and via misc. crafting posts I found your blog.

My Mother just passed away almost a month ago. It's been a very hard thing to go through, but because of my faith in God I am able to have peace and comfort.

I've been going through my Mother's photo albums, pictures, momentos,and historical paperwork. So your post really hit home when I found it.

Thank you for sharing this with everyone via your blog. Thank you for taking the time to do this blog! You are touching many lives!

God Bless!

PAM said...

Have read your blog for some time, but am way behind. Just read about your Amish and German baptist ancestry which has me interested.. I am German baptist, therefore I also have German baptist ancestry. Could we be cousins?

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