Sunday, June 23, 2013

Sugar Free Lemonade

I have been making this luscious drink for sometime now.
My doctor has always urged me to drink a lot of lemon water as it is a cleanser.
Alas, I am just not very good at drinking my allotted amount of water in a day...until now!
I am sort of a sweet tooth and this just has me craving lemon tastes more like lemonade.
Even the kids ask for it and we each drink at least two glasses a day.

Sugar Free Lemonade

2 tbs. lemon juice
stevia to taste
1 1/2 cups water

Put lemon juice and stevia in the glass, then add water.

Hope you find time to enjoy this sweet little drink this summer.
It is so refreshing :).



Heather Anne said...

Julia - that looks very refreshing for this hot weather! Do you have a favorite brand of stevia? I've tried a few different ones that haven't seemed to combine nicely with lemon in my hot lemon and ginger tea.

Julia said...

Hi Heather! I like NuNaturals Stevia in the powdered form. The liquid is also nice. So far, That is my favorite brand to use.


Michelle said...

I am not a big lemonade fan. But tried it with tea added. Loved it. I am no longer going to use instant tea. My husband doesn't like sugar or lemon in his tea so I use the instant. This is so fast and easy . I can make it any time.

Lisa said...

I always love your fresh thoughts, ideas and photos on your blog. And now I am thirsty. ;)

Anne Marie said...

I have never tried Stevia...but I was thinking of growing it...are you? and I wonder how this would taste with honey!

Gumbo Lily said...

I'm going to try it. I often just squeeze & drop lemon wedges in my icy water. I'll try the stevia. Thanks!


Keeping It Cozy said...

Thank you for sharing your recipe, Julia... it looks delicious! I have a feeling this will become a summer favorite in our house. :-)

Anonymous said...

Oh, this looks so cold and refreshing! It's forecast to be in
the nineties this week here where I live and this looks like the perfect
drink to cool off your
photos! Always a blessing to visit here, Corinne

fiona said...

This is a lovely idea Julia-I have plenty of fresh lemons but will need to buy the stevia

Hope you all have a lovely weekend


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