Monday, July 1, 2013

Monday Musings

Today was a sweltering 100 degrees, but my Mom and I managed to pick a few peas.
Tomorrow I will be back to tell you how to freeze is so easy!

Our weather has been so extreme....see the little white marks on the peas?
We had 1 inch hail and 60 mile an hour winds two days ago!
{Can you see some of the hail falling in this picture?}
It was simply wild and the flash flooding that followed drenched everything so need for the hose!

The garden survived and today the kids harvested some turnips for their rabbits.
I love that they planted a whole raised bed for the bunnies.

I took advantage to do some weeding.
Lots of was so bad out there!
My book, Pie*oraphy came in the mail.
My friend Anne Marie of NaDa Farm styled and baked all of the pies.
I am so impressed with the lovely stories behind each pie...and slightly hungry!

 What a wonderful and delicious read!
I highly recommend it :). 

Hope you had a nice Monday!
Be back tomorrow with frozen peas :). 



Nadine said...

Yes, I've heard that the weather has been crazy east of the mountains....just real hot here on the west side! :)



I love that pic of Anne Marie!
I hope the weather is better now....
even if so hot!
Hugs to you

Unknown said...

That looks like a book that I would totally love! :) I am not a cookie baker! :( (that makes me sad at times) I am a pie baker. If one would ask what type of pie I am...
(You guessed it) I would be a Dutch Applepie! That is the one thing I know to bake well!
And I will come back to learn how to freeze the string beans.
I am so totally not good at freezing fresh veggies.
But would love to learn!

Thanks Julia.
Overhere it is about 103F Yuck.
We are praying for RAIN


Heather Anne said...

We've had odd weather too - it was so cold Sunday and Monday that I was searching for a sweater to wrap up in. You peas look lovely. Ours never came this year because the bed I planted them in was under water for days on end. Thankfully our second planting of everything is doing much better. I'm heading to the farm market this afternoon - hopefully they will have peas left!

Michelle said...

Your crops look good. Wish my peas were ready to pick. They are so good right off the vine.

Anonymous said...

It's just plain old hot here!
Everyday in the nineties
and over the weekend it was in the
hundreds! Yuck! My hubby and I are not hot weather people...I already
find myself longing for Fall and Summer just began....I love
your flowers growing along your picket fence....sooooooo beautiful!
I love visiting over at NaDa Farm blog with Anne Marie...she is so creative in so many areas, always inspiring,

Kaitlin@Homemaker Design said...

Where do you live that you have produce already?? Here, North of the boarder - things are just starting to come into season...and that is only IF one planted early enough...but with the wild weather we have had too, there was a late frost so it's slow going - but we've had so much rain that I haven't had to pull out the hose except for once! I'm always jealous when I read about you harvesting long before and long after us! ;) Well this is my first year gardening - lots to learn - your gardening inspires me! :) Oh and next year we hope to do a garden for just our pigs - so I love that your kids did one for the bunnies! :D Okay...I've rambled long enough....blessings! ☼

Erika Roberts said...

Looks like a great haul! We have done really well the last couple of years with our peas. So much two years ago, we were giving some away! This year was awful. : ( We only got a handful. So disappointing but we will try a fall plant here in another month or so. Hopefully we'll have better luck the second time around!

Debbie Warford said...

Hi I just recently found your blog and facebook page while searching for how to make these adorable glasses from blue ball mason jars. my daughter went to a garden birthday party and came home with one and I loved it... I loved your post on how to make one and love your blog! I think the one she has was bought pre made though it has cutouts on top like a flower petal effect with a hole in the center for a re useable clear straw. I loved all your gardens pictures if you don't mind can I ask the state where you live its gorgeous! I live in Rochester NY and you are actually living my dream life I would love to live on a farm! I have four kids also. 2 boys and 2 Girls... Thanks for your blog especially all your bible verses I am a Christian and love that you include that into your blog so inspiring to be truly thankful!

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