Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Howie the Pig

Three of our kids are raising pigs for 4H this summer.
Fair is almost here and they are working extra hard with their pigs before the show.
We just had them weighed in....the minimum weight is 230 pounds to enter Fair and the maximum is 300.
This is Lily's very first year showing and her pig Howie weighed in at 294#.

 Meet Howie....the guy who is late night snacking when everyone else is asleep :).

 {I found this little sketch on the blackboard the other day. She loves Howie.}

With a week or so to go....he would bust out of the 300 pound range no problem.
So....Howie is on a little diet and exercise program :).
{Weighing the pigs in the scale.}
Lily runs with him in the cooler morning air and then in the evening again.

Sometimes he gives her a little ride :). 

 {The little pink plastic stick is used as guide for Howie.}

After exercising Howie has a nice drink and a pan of oats.

I love that you can feel Autumn coming.
The nights are almost crisp and the early morning dew is heavy.
Perfect pig jogging weather!

I'll try and post some Fair pictures for all of you at the end of next week.
4H is a FUN group to be a part of for kids.



Ngo Family Farm said...

Oh, sweetness!!

Valerie said...

This post made me smile!!! I loved the "late night snacking" image! :) Can't wait for Fair pics!!!

Anonymous said...

Wow! what a huge pig.....especially
next to your daughter...he looks enormous! He is so cute too! I love his eyes and your daughter is so beautiful...I love her drawing of him. It sure looks like you are all wrapping up the summer with a lot of fun...can't wait to see the fair pictures...

Carol Blanchet said...

He's some radiant, humble pig!

I hope Lily and Howie show well.

Anne Marie said...

Tell her that Marina and I just looked through your pictures a few times! she says hello :) and didn't know she liked pigs too!!

have a great weekend Julia
p.s. got the check - thank you!

Erika Roberts said...

This post reminded me of the movie, Doc Hollywood, with Michael J. Fox. Did you ever see it? There is a cute little girl in the movie that says, (in a sweet lil' southern accent) "When you gonna bring your pig back 'round?" I can hear her saying it as I look through these pictures. So sweet!

Alicia@ eco friendly homemaking said...

Oh how sweet. My husbands grandparents used to raise pigs. They are always so much fun to watch.


We want so much to get pigs too!
Oh Julia, your pics...I so love them!
How are you darling?


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