Thursday, September 5, 2013

Anderson Family Farm...Martha Stewart American Made Contest

I am sure you remember my sweet neighbors who run Anderson Family Farm...
His Story
They have the most wonderful line of natural goat milk body products {that I LOVE}.

Well...they are currently in the running for Martha Stewart's American Made Contest!
I love that this family has started from the ground up and worked so very hard to build an amazing business...with God's grace.
If you would like to help them advance and vote {you have to fill out a short registration first} just click HERE!
Voting for the top winners ends on September 13th!!
I would love to see them make it.
Currently they are #16 out of 435 in the "style" category!!

Here are a little more about the Andersons...

They are also currently undergoing a crowd funding project to build a new formulary through Indigogo.
If you would like to help them, click HERE. 

Hope you have a wonderful day!



Bevy @ Treasured Up and Pondered said...

I'm not sure if the VOTE link is broken or just "down" for now.. I'll have to try later.

But yes! I would love to vote for them. How exciting.

Marty Ann said...

I would so love to vote for them! It looks like you have to have a FB account, and I don't have or want a FB account. Is there any other way for me to vote?

Anonymous said...

Oh, what a sweet family....I have watched their Utube videos and visited their beautiful website and 'will be' purchasing their bar soap and so of course I will vote for them...I would love to!
a beautiful farm they have!

Kimberlee said...

Hi thank you sooo much Julia for posting this. Yes, you just need to register w/an email address and a password. Then just set a reminder and vote daily! Thank you so much everyone! To God be the Glory!

Kimberlee said...

Dear Julia and friends! Thank you so much for for all your support. Yes, you just need to register w/ an email address and a password then set a reminder and vote daily. With God's help we could be in the top 6 by next Friday. Again thank you and bless you all for supporting our family farm so very much! ~k

Anne Marie said...

this is so awesome!!! I saw that contest...they'll be in my prayers to win!

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