Wednesday, October 16, 2013

On Making a Home...

I thought I would share a really good read with you from one of my favorite blogs, Roller Mill Farm.
"I've become convinced that only by paying careful attention to the simple details of daily tasks and to our immediate surroundings can we live vitally and beautifully all the days of our lives." 
~Alexandra Stoddard
I love Mrs. Brown's perspective on making a home...
Grab a cup of tea and click HERE for a warm and thoughtful post on home.


Anonymous said...

Roller Mill Farms is one of my favorite blogs too!...I love her latest post on making a home....her photos are beautiful and her home is true farmhouse gorgeous.....just loved all those canning jars full of goodies and it's always inspiring and just a treat to visit there...her words are very thought the book the Hidden Art of Homemaking by Edith Schaeffer it has always been a favorite of mine. Thank you Julia, for sharing Amy with us!

Lisa said...

Thanks for sharing her blog. I love the pictures she posted. I sense such contentment there. A laid back ease that those of us in the burb's (finger pointing at me) might just crave.

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