Sunday, December 1, 2013

Advent Wishes

This Advent season I wish you hope.
The kind of hope that fills and replenishes doubt and worry.

I wish you faith.
A deeper faith as we prepare for a Child's birth in the deep dark of night.
The world covered in shadow and the light of His love piercing through a cover.
A warm light like a beacon, calling you.

I wish you joy.
Not just a smidgen of it, but a substantial amount of joy knowing that you are of value.
That a savior came to save you and give you life.

I wish you peace that surpasses the negativity and anxiety that the world seems to value as a norm.
Calming, slowed, and simple.
Content in the knowledge that you can rest in the midst of a commercial season that calls us to hurry.
Your heart is where peace starts, actions follow, and like a ripple in water affects those in your path.
Spreading, dispersing freely the gift of peace.

My hope this beautiful season is to embrace peace and to give my family and those around me the most gracious gifts of 
and hope.

Many blessings upon you this Advent season....



Unknown said...

We are on the same page this evening, dear friend! Love this scene from your kitchen…a perfect and fitting Advent wreath. Hugs from Kansas!!!

Bevy @ Treasured Up and Pondered said...

absolutely lovely...

Amy at love made my home said...

So beautifully said Julia. xx

Christine said...

Many blessings to you! I'm reading Ann Voskamp's book, "The Greatest Gift". I love the picture of the centerpiece with the three candles. Looks so warm and homey.

Ngo Family Farm said...

This is so very beautiful. Many blessings to you and yours this Advent!

Anonymous said...

this is so beautiful, Julie...
warm wishes for Advent for you and your family as your Advent wreath!

Lisa said...

Beautiful! My heart craves a simple, Christ filled Christmas.

Gumbo Lily said...

Thank you. What beautiful wishes you send. God bless you and your family this Advent season.

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