Monday, February 3, 2014

Finding Beauty in Winter

The days are short and darkness comes early.
The cold sets in and everything waits in a dusky hush.
I love the fact that January and February provide such a rest.
We all need rest, slumber, down time, a time to rejuvenate the heart, the mind, the body.
Rest is something that we consistently get, whether we like it or not.
It's essential to life.
Everything rests...even God rested on the 7th day :).
It's imperative to health.

But sometimes in all of this "rest" I find myself losing site of my gratitude.
Grouchiness sets in with bleak, foggy days that in essence make you feel like you are in a box.
The days sometimes run hum-drum and very routine.
And then it's dark.
So I set out to find beauty...inspired by a sweet blog.

It's a fine thing.
To consistently be thankful even when you feel bleak astonishingly changes the mid set.
Finding that really....really...all is not so bleak in the midst of winter.

Consistently praying.
Consistently reading and expanding knowledge.

 Consistently loving those around you and forgiving faults.
Looking closely to find beauty in the world around the people around you.

Consistently living a life in gratitude so that it becomes habitual and second nature.

Even in the bleakness of winter, there is provincial beauty.
Quiet and hushed.
Muted and graceful beauty that is subtly pretentious.

Consistently looking for that beauty is a good thing.
It challenges you to slow and be grateful for those little moments.

I am so looking forward to warmer days swelling with the smell of warm earth ready to plant.

But for now, I will be grateful for the rest, the beauty around me, the chance to enjoy my kids and just sit with them under a blanket with a book.
A time to slow my heart and mind.

Winter is good, and full, and beautiful :).



connie said...

You always leave me wanting to read more.. Lovely photos.. and so right with this post.. Such an inspiration.. when does your planting season start?
Just a joy visiting with you... stay warm

Amy at love made my home said...

You are so right, and as always, when I read your writing I feel more peaceful. I wish that I had a little Julia in my pocket to carry round to remind me of all of these things when I am stressed or anxious. xx

Holly said...

Your photos are always so stunning! I need to find some cows around here!
I love God's plan for us. It amazes me how He provides us with this respite, and as the days get longer and the sun shines brighter, He energizes us for the next season!

Jennifer said...

Yes and amen!
Choosing to consistently look for beauty and be thankful :)
Yes, Yes, Yes! It makes all the difference~
And, I am noticing that it is getting a little lighter earlier? And, staying a little lighter longer?)

Cheyenne said...

Julia, I believe YOU are good, full and beautiful. I think winter is what makes us love spring so, too. It IS good, you are right.

And your photos, Julia, they are always stunning. Stunning.

Anonymous said...

so beautiful as peaceful
and encouraging....just love your photos...your cows and chickens are
sooooooo your farm
and that bread looks warm and delicious!

Gumbo Lily said...

Even the harshness and slowness of winter carries its own beauty in winter. A thankful heart is good medicine.

lisa said...

Hello Julia, I always love reading your blog. It is so full of inspiration for me. Thank you for sharing your beautiful photos and recipes, and inspirational scriptures too. You are absolutely right that always looking for beauty and finding things to be grateful for does change us. For me, it brings peace and happiness, thinking of all my blessings.
Happy Thursday :)

Unknown said...

I'm having to be busy outside of home right now... I miss being at home. This world is so big and busy-thanks for helping me stay grounded...

JHM said...

That's exactly how I feel about winter Julia. I so enjoy your photos. Love the ending with our comfort food - bread. Hurry Spring!

JHM said...

Lovely post Julia - exactly how I'm feeling right now. Peaceful photos that seem to say slow down. Love the final photo of comfort food - bread. Ready for spring!

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