Sunday, September 7, 2014

September is Beginning

This September time of year? Oh, it's my favorite.
The garden is all late-summer and romantically bushy, and I forego weeding as the rows show-off in one exasperated last bloom.
I pull sweet carrots with fluffy tops out and nibble right out of the dirt.
The Hollyhocks bow down and other flowers are muted by crisper mornings, but we are still eating heartily of potatoes, carrots, beets, and tomatoes.
My vigorous Sweet Peas continue to dance in the breeze and I so enjoy the delightful aroma in the kitchen.
I can hold back the simple days of summer with that one vase full of such goodness.
We are settling in to our second week of school and the smell of new books and paper arouse plenty of excitement.
We just started this book and it is such a sweet way to tie into all of our recent experiences showing at the Fair .
So, we lull into the new routine of cool mornings spent in school and warmed afternoons catching the last grasshoppers, harvesting the garden, and clinging to the very last of summer.

I think I will just plain enjoy this day.


PS: You may notice a few changes/updates with the blog soon...



I so enjoy visiting here Julia!


Bevy @ Treasured Up and Pondered said...

I see all that garden goodness!! and you make me miss Sweet Peas. I remember their smell so fragrant and sweet.

Enjoy them for me!! :)

I'm curious as to the changes we're to look for. I love your blog so much... I can't imagine it looking or being any better. :)

Unknown said...

I love fall, but not winter so much. I just tied my Hollyhocks to the fence yesterday. Heavy rain coming and I am just not ready for all this to end! Did you start your Sweet Peas indoors? I tried some one year and they didn't do well. Putting them on my "plant list" for next year to try again. Cute pictures of the kids!

Julia said...

I planted my Sweet Peas directly outside as soon as it was really warm. They just took off. I did add a little organic fertilizer in the beginning, too. I just LOVE flowers!

Anonymous said...

I just have always loved visiting here, Julia. I can't imagine any improvements to your blog either,
have always loved it as is,.... although I noticed that you are changing the name???? Fairview Farm??...what I can't get over is how much your children have grown since the last time you posted pictures of them. WOW! They are all really growing up....your daughter is just beautiful! I do love Fall it is my favorite time of the year!...looks like you all had a great time at the fair!
Gods blessing to you! Corinne

Cheyenne said...

Oh I always love popping in here. Forever peaceful.

I have been a bit out of the loop - and is it just me, or do your children look like they have grown leaps and bounds just this very summer? Oh my! It sounds like you have been making some precious memories.

You're right, this is such a lovely, lovely time of year. Right now we are full force in SNOW STORM, but I know it'll melt and hopefully we can tromp around in that overgrown, tangled garden and enjoy some evenings taking meals out to the field. Love the smell in the air, in general.

Someday, friend, you should take a drive NORTH and come visit. :)

Excited for your new changes here on the blog. :) But don't change too much, 'cause things seem pretty darn great as is.

Julia said...

Hi Corrinne,

Yes...I am trying to go with a name change that will incorporate our farm a little more. I always have newfangled ideas and it would be nice, if projects arrive on the farm, to have a cohesive name for my blog :). I've been thinking about it for a year or so.... and yes my kids have GROWN!! I don't even have pictures of my oldest who is 6ft. 2". Thanks you for your comment and I hope you are having a lovely end of the summer :).

Julia said...

Hi Bevy!

I love those Sweet Peas something fierce and I think I will have them in the garden from now on.

Hope you are having a great end to the summer!

Julia said...

Hi Cheyenne,

I just can't believe you are in a snow storm, but I did see on the news last night that there were even parts of Montana getting snow. That's crazy! I hope it does melt and you can enjoy a few more warm days ahead.

You know I would love a visit with you. What fun it would be to meet in person!

I so enjoy your blog, too!


Julia said...

Fra...I LOVE visiting your blog, too. Your boys are just precious and I LOVE that I can live vicariously in Italy when I pop in!

Hope you have a lovely Fall.


Simply At Home said...

I just love your blog...such a favorite of mine. Love the way you write. Look forward to seeing all the changes on your blog. What ever you decide it will be lovely said...

Your word pictures of fall, gardening and the beginning of another homeschooling year bring back many sweet memories (and a few sour ones -- sometimes getting back into the school routine evoked tears. And I'm not telling whose!) We even read some of the same books! Love the produce and flower photos.

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