Monday, October 20, 2014


That crisp and sappy, fresh wood smell is just Fall to me.
I love cutting and stacking firewood....even though my kids do a little more of it because my hands are laden with other obligations.
I still love it.

We don't have the luxury of a wood stove, but Nannie {my Mom} does.
My hubby cuts the rounds and then we do the rest.
My Dad made the log splitter years ago and I spent many hours using it as a child.

There is just something about a a crisp Autumn day and the sound of wood cracking.
The smell of leaves and sawdust saturating the air.

I love it that Tim has Jack in training and lets him run the lever as he carefully places the rounds in.
Jack feels pretty proud that he is old enough to finally help split.

We usually plop a couple of big fat rounds on the ground to use as a seat.
And away we go.
A log splitter is a wonderful investment. is if you are putting away cords and cords of wood :).

It's a good workout and such a satisfying view when all of that timber is piled high!

Next up on the list...

taking apples in to get pressed for cider.

We are drinking the last little bit in the pantry.
A warm cup with a little cinnamon in the morning is a perfect treat.

Enjoy your day!


PS: If you are wanting to can apple cider HERE is a great link!


connie said...

Oh my Julia, what a beautiful life you live... but I am sure it is hard at times but so rewarding... Bless you girl...

Carol Blanchet said...

My guys just came back from a successful hunting trip and the freezer is now FULL. If not freezing, how do you keep your apple cider? Do you can it? We just enjoyed a day of making it, but now I'm not sure what to do. I want to be able to save some for later on, but....Help?

Julia said...

Hi Carol! I can it...and I learned from the best...Kimberlee!! I just added the link to the post :)


Carol Blanchet said...

Perfect! Thanks so much. :-)

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