Monday, November 17, 2014

Cold Weather Inventions

The winter weather is here.
Frosty, pure and crisp-aired mornings that require hours of ice breaking to get fresh water to the animals.

It is just part of living here.
Tim talked to some old-timers and looked online to come up with this tank heater for the cows.
We have a really large water tank for this particular group that is waiting to be bred {we AI our cows.}

An old barrel sunk in the middle with a lid, loaded with rocks that absorb heat, and then a fire lit at night and in the morning with some good chunks of wood.
The fire goes out and the heat from the rocks keep things from freezing.

It's working.
If there is ice, it's a thin layer to break for the cows.
Much easier than shoveling out big chunks of ice.

Hope you have a lovely Monday!



Ellen Walton said...

Well done Tim!

Fiona said...

What a good idea
Our weather is getting colder with some frosty mornings


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