Friday, November 21, 2014

How to Make a Flannel Infinity Cowl {Tutorial}

Cozy and warm, I love cowls in the winter.
They are just enough warmth and pair perfectly with so many outfits.
Here is a simple tutorial for a flannel infinity cowl.
It is so easy to put together and requires minimal sewing.
These would make lovely Christmas gifts!
The directions are the same for all sizes, from children to adults.
The size doubles over nicely for a looser fit, and triples for a cozier fit.
I like it because I can put it over my nose and mouth when I walk in the cold :)


flannel fabric {at least 1 yard} 36 inches long, and 45 inches wide
*Recycled flannel sheets and pillow cases make GREAT sources of fabric!! 
sewing machine


Children: 36"wide x 76"long
Adults: 36 inches wide x 90 inches long

First cut fabric to desired size.
For the adult size, simply lay out your fabric, folded in half, so it is facing you 36 inches long and 22 1/2 inches tall.
Cut straight up the center, so you are left with 2 pieces that are 18 inches wide and 45 inches long.
Sew the two ends together to make one giant piece of fabric, 18" x 90".
For the child's size, the measurement will be 18"x76"

Sew the top ends together, right sides facing each other.

Turn inside out.

Now fold one end in, like so...

And tuck the other end in evenly.
Pin together, and sew.


You have a cozy, snuggly, new cowl to wear.

Stay warm!



Laura Jeanne said...

Why, thank you Julia! I have been thinking of knitting a cowl for myself, since all my scarves seem to have disappeared over the years. I never even thought of sewing one out of flannel - it would be so much quicker and easier than knitting. I'm sure I have some extra flannel somewhere...

Gumbo Lily said...

Great idea, Julia! I have some really cute floral flannel that would make some adorable cowls for my grandgirls. I think I would like one too.

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