Monday, November 3, 2014


I am reveling in the fact that I can STILL hang laundry out to dry and it is November!
The bright reds and glorious oranges and yellows catch my eye out my kitchen sink window.
And...I am living this day. This day at a time, from a state of rest.
Rest is where God wants us.
Everything in the Bible points to rest being an integral part of living a good life.
A life where you cast your anxiety to the Lord...and then rest.

Hope you are having a restful Fall spite of a full mine {smile}.



Simply At Home said...

Lovely post Julia...

jv said...

Yeah it is a blessing to be able to use clothesline in the middle of November Gotta love that northern ca sunshine, but we do need the rain. Thanks for your encouraging post. GOD IS GOOD!

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