Monday, February 23, 2015

New Life

You know, calves have that same kind of baby smell my newborns a slightly different way {wink}. 
If  you are lucky enough to get close to stroke their soft, new, red can smell the essence of new life.

Annie is the first little one to come this season.
There are 4 more with swollen bellies ready to "pop" anytime. 
Annie was a little lethargic and we had to put baby and Mama in a stall with a heat lamp the first night.
But she bounced back nicely, and is a healthy little Red Angus.

It is fascinating to me to watch new life.
Mama will "stash" her new born calf to protect her, and then watch carefully from a distance.
Sometimes it is really hard to find those babies!
But the Mama cow knows her calf is safely protected from harm.

One call, and baby is up and right by her side.
They instinctively know when they need to be near Mama cow.

All around us, new life is beginning.
This start of Spring is simply a renewal for the soul. 
Isn't it what God wants?
New life budding inside of us....calling us to come by His side and walk with Him?
It a decadently sweet gift to pause and see the beauty in new life and growth.

This life gives abundantly,, and it takes.
It requires huge amounts of grace, and prayer, and trying again and again.
It's about living well, forgiving well, and seeing the positive, even in the midst of mistakes.
Because there are mistakes.
Lots of mistakes.
But we have a God who picks us up, and calls us to Him, protects our hearts, and builds our spirit.
So we can spring forth renewed each day.

Wishing you a peaceful Monday. And a week of feeling renewed in spirit!



Simply At Home said...

Lovely post, touch my heart! Happy Spring Julia!

Gumbo Lily said...

Wishing you a wonderful spring.


Betty said...

Aww, Annie is such a cutie!

Kim said...

So sweet. I just love calves.

Laurel Stephens said...

We're expecting snow here next week, so your spectacular garden photos are doing my heart good today. Such beauty!

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