Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Garden Plans...My Detailed Plans and Planting Schedule

This time of the year, you might find me at my desk or kitchen table at breakfast pouring over the latest seed catalog to arrive.
With names like "Flashy Trout's Back" lettuce, and "Pineapple" tomatoes, I can just imagine all of the goodness to come.
I can just taste that warm tomato straight from the vine with a little salt, just like my Dad used to eat them.
Or what about the view from my kitchen window of billowing flowers?
Don't those Vanilla Marigolds look sweet?
{All seeds mentioned from Territorial Seed Company.}

Before I order anything, I like to have a map of what I will be planting, names, and dates of succession.
It helps me to stay on track.
I actually list the planting dates on the calendar, so I don't forget.
Which I am very good at, thank you ;).
The only seeds I start indoors are tomatoes right now.

Everything else goes right into prepared soil when the time is right.
We live in central Washington which has a late frost date of about June 10th.
I usually plant most of the garden by Mother's Day, though, and really that has worked well. 
The pumpkins and squash go in May 1st with black weed screen covering everything.
The fabric heats the soil and I am able to get away with planting some of the 100 day varieties.

My row garden is quite massive at 40' or so by 100' long. 
Graph paper helps me to visualize what I am planting.
I space most everything about 2 - 2 1/2' apart so that my rototiller can get through easily.
This year I will be using as much weed screen as possible and hope to show you soon how I am making holes for the seeds.

{The girls watching me in the garden.}

My plan is rather detailed, and LARGE, so don't be overwhelmed.
I have been a gardener for a while now, although I still have much to learn!
Our garden has grown over the years. I still love my fenced area with four raised beds.
 That is where it all started. The first few years I was pregnant or had babies and those boxes were perfect enough to harvest fresh veggies for our meals.

Here are the paper plans....

In case you are looking for seeds, I like to use our local stores first, and then order from a catalog or online if I can't find something.
Two of my favorite sources are:

The numbers in parenthesis are the number of times I should be able to plant. 
I love my helps organize my thoughts...but the funny thing is that I know I will change it up!
At least I have a guide to go by :)

Happy planting friends!



Simply At Home said...

I just love your garden photo's. What a great plan ~ things seem to go better when there is a plan to follow. So happy for you on your new garden cart. Have a blessed day.

Unknown said...

Your gardens are always so pretty! Nice to have it all planned out too. I have planted " Peggy's delight" zinnias from Seeds of Change catalog and I think you would just love the fall colors! Baker Creek catalog also has a zinnia called " Will Rogers" that is the most wonderful red! I planted about 4 pkgs. of these across the front of the whole garden last year and they were just beautiful!!
We have a large garden just for pumpkins, and wondering how the weed mat would work? As always, there is so much weeding until they really start covering the ground. Will they still send out the "runners" on top of the mat? The vines are always rooting a little in the soil. Always fun to see garden ideas! I need to get my seeds ordered! Happy planning!

Julia said...

Hi Patty,

Thank you for the tips on the zinnias! I am looking up those varieties today! You would love the weed matting for the pumpkins. I have used it for the last 5 years and it works beautifully. The pumpkin vines just cover the top of it and some so reach the dirt, but very few. It is a wonderful way to NOT weed :)

Unknown said...

Thanks Julia!! I am ALL for weeding less! Never seems too bad in the beginning,then it just gets overwhelming!
Happy to know this works so well. I never tried it before as I thought the long vines needed to root a little to produce more pumpkins! We do use it around our tomatoes and it sure helps! You will LOVE the colors of those zinnias. Oh for the day we can go cut some flowers!

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