Thursday, March 26, 2015

Morning Focus

The morning bed covers reached around me and were the perfect kind of warm this morning.
I hear kids rustling, making tea, the sun peeks into my window, and fresh air blows in calling me out of my little nest.

I have the chance to settle in and read the Word with a cup of tea, and golden pops of spring in a lime jar looking at me.
 Sending a sweet smell my way.

Mindful... for a few seconds before my day's focus changes.
It's my way of charging up for the day.
My first fuel.

Live life then with a due sense of responsibility, not as women who do not know the meaning and purpose of life, but as those who do. Make the best use of your time, despite all of the evils of these days. Don't be vague, but grasp firmly what you know to be the will of the Lord.
Ephesians 5:15-17

We're supposed to live purposely and timely, with a focus in life.
And for me that never comes without praying about nearly everything. 
If we haven't chosen what we are living for, we are living in default.
Running here and there, space taken up by the many duties and activities, bending to other people's agendas, and the pressures of life.
It's a faulty focus that I am so guilty of chastising.
But never is it too late to change focus.

So this morning, I sit in the quiet,
I search.
And take time to pen down my focus.
What do I want my life to feel like, look like?
How do my actions speak to others? 
What do I want my life to look like at 80?
How can I pattern my life after women that I admire?

These words came to mind as to how I want to live: 
content, clearly, patiently, kind, purposefully, creatively, and faithfully.

It's a start and a place to grow from.
Always the growing and learning who I am supposed to be a midst all of my failures.
It's good to know we are fresh and forgiven every new morning.
Brand spanking new.
Ready to be shaped into the person God has in mind.

Wishing you all a lovely Spring day friends!



Mindy said...

I love the words God brought to your mind and the words from Ephesians as well. Encouraging message to keep moving forward!

connie said...

Julia, I so needed this today.. Thank you... Happy Spring

Unknown said...

Thank you for sharing this! The scripture was just what I needed. Beautiful and inspiring.

JulieKay said...

Thank you, Julia. This really spoke to my heart this morning. God's perfect timing, I'm sure.


you are precious to me Julia.
Have a nice weekend.

allie @ Through Her Looking Glass said...

Thankful His mercies are new each morning...

Gail said...

Perfect thought for today. Thanks for sharing. i am going to go do some meditating on that right now....

Gumbo Lily said...

Starting my morning in God's Word always makes a difference to my day. I loved your reflections, Julia. Thank you.

Denise H. said...

This is a beautiful post. One that I needed. My dad passed from this life into the next 5 months ago, and I just now feel like I am kind of coming out of a fog. How I needed this TODAY! As you have put these thoughts out, the Holy Spirit has used them to convict me and convince me to be changed!! Thank you! I so enjoy your blog!

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