Saturday, March 21, 2015


Much has happened as of late.
Spring came tumbling in and the small green spears of daffodils broke into a yellow pop of glory.

I dig and edge and plant more here and there.
The tidy and well kept plants are growing well.
Roses are sprouting mint green leaves and I am pouring over information on how to care for 6 new varieties.

The rich garden soil has been tilled again...for the third time.
Onions, peas, and spinach are in the ground.
We wait for a bit and then the other crops will be joining them in neat rows.

We see potential and then progress!
Always I am changing things up a bit.
But just being outside, breathing in an almost sweet aroma on the air, the rosy, ruddy cheeks that the kids's good.

My Dutch Grandma always said rosy cheeks were a sign of health!

The steers have been clipped and are ready for their first show.
They are so gentled and love to be worked with, I think Tim will have an easy go of it.

The Mama's and babies are doing well.

I think the calves feel Spring in their bones and jump about all day long.

And this face....
It has me in stitches.
This is how Bessie greets you in the pasture...almost like she is talking.

To be in the warm sun, listening to the cows bawl, the birds twittering and flitting, the sound of tractors harrowing....could it get any better?

Wishing you a lovely weekend!
Are you doing anything outside, too?



janice15 said...

Ost isn't Spring gran. Love your daffodils , just wonderful mind have been sprouting already to. Love your cows and babies so sweet. Happy Spring with love Janice

Unknown said...

Oh, yes - we're doing things outside, we're still shoveling snow and dressing in full winter gear! 18 degrees and another inch of snow on this 3rd day of spring in upstate NY!

Anonymous said...

What beautiful land, cows and kids -- and DOG! If I may ask, what kind or mix of dog is that? We have a Lab Chow...a big one also. Have a lovely day!

Julia said...

Our dogs are a Golden Retriever and Golden/Border Collie/ Australian Shepard mix. We love them so!

emily said...

It's Spring in NYC too. Wednesday was the first day I could lay down on the soil in Central Park. I'm enjoying being embraced by the Earth again.

Thanks for bringing the beautiful outdoors to my inbox Julia!

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