Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Working Cows with Grandma

Spring is here and with it all of the outside meanderings that must get done.
We work the cows each Spring and this year had a little extra help....from Grandma!

Darren's Mom came over for a couple of lovely days and it was such a treat!
She lives in Alaska and we are always happy to have a visit.
 We inoculate the cows against certain strains of bacteria that can make them sick and then de-worm them.
It keeps them super healthy and happy.
Soon, they will be AI'd {artificially inseminated} and they need to be in great shape.
We had to work cows yesterday and Grandma was game to join in!

Grandma ran the shoot.
She was a natural :)

 The day was beautiful and windy, crisp with a warm sun on your back.
But my nose and ears were cold.
The little red calves waited patiently for their turn to get shots.

And now we wait.
In a few weeks those Mama's will be pregnant and a new crop of babies will come in the new year.
Our son is a researcher when it comes to genetics and it is always fun to see his calves grow.

 Wishing you a lovely Spring day!
What kind of Spring things are happening at your place?



Mindy said...

We had an early spring here in the Pacific Northwest so the daffodils have ended and the tulips are ready to open any day now. I love your pictures of the new calves. All the nearby farms here are dotted with the same - so precious. Visiting from The Lettered Cottage today. So nice to "meet" you :)

Donna and Miss Spenser said...

What breed are your cows? Very nice looking.

Unknown said...

Hello Mindy! We live in Central Wash. and have had an early Spring, too :) So glad to meet you, too!


Unknown said...

Hello Donna!

They are Red Angus. Thank you!


Julia said...

I can across your blog via Layla Palmer, The Lettered Cottage. And I'm so glad I stopped by. You have a beautiful family and a wonderful farm. We live in Florida so our spring has been a bit on the warm side. My name is Julia also.

allie @ Through Her Looking Glass said...

Loved stumbling across your blog today, and your beautiful pictures. We're still awaiting spring in New England.

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