Saturday, May 30, 2015

Good Thoughts


1. Be happy with what you've got. Don't be always looking for something better.

2. Don't buy anything you don't need.

3. Don't buy what you ought to save. Don't buy what you ought to make.

4. Unless you absolutely have to, don't buy anything new.

5. If somebody tries to sell you something to "save labor," look out! If you can work, then work.

6. If other people want to buy a lot of new stuff and fill up the country with junk, use junk.

7. Some good things are cheap, even free. Use them first.

8. Keep watch for what nobody wants. Sort through the leavings.

9. You might know, or even find out, what it is to need help. So help people.

~Wendell Berry  from "What Young Farmers Need to Know"

Just a few good thoughts on this weekend morning...after a full and fun filled week of birthdays, ice cream cake, and cream pops {recipe coming soon :)}.

Wishing you a day filled with good.



Anonymous said...

Oh, how you know I'm a "junker". I LOVE turning rubbish into a functional piece! =) ~Dani

Gumbo Lily said...

I like Wendell Berry and I like his good thoughts. Very much. I just made two nighties from Hubby's unused T-shirts for the grandgirls. I like being able to use what I have and make something *new.*

Michelle said...

I so agree. We are working on a simpler life. Not only debt free but breaking the strings of feeling you need the latest stuff.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for these wonderful, practical thoughts - I love to challenge myself to make due with as little as possible. I also love that you have added your favorites to visit on the side :)

Simply At Home said...

Julia, I love this post...we practice it in our home. It is always good to be reminded and stay focus. Take Care Teresa

Carol Blanchet said...

Living simply isn't "making do", but rather "making the most" with what you have!
"Making do" sort of implies that you are deprived of something, but "making the most" is the attitude of gratitude. Don't you think?
I see that in you. :-)
Simple farm life is so fulfilling and refreshing. I always love to see what you are up to on your little farm.


Mindy said...

Definitely some good thoughts! My Granddad lived it well as an example for us. "Make do or do without, use it up before you throw it out."

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