Wednesday, June 17, 2015

A Horse Named Tugboat

My day starts with dropping my kids off with my sister who is going to a feedlot to rescue a horse for my neice.
Thinking the kids... my two horse lovers....would probably like to see what really happens at a feedlot, I send them along for the day.

Hours later I can hear the desparation in his voice as he pleads with me that he has found his dream horse.
A horse like no other.
A ranchy looking, big built gelding with a kind eye who lost his owner a few weeks back.
A sturdy, sound, beautiful steed who is destined for slaughter in just two days.

"He looks like a tugboat," my sister says.
Tug it is.
A perfect name to fit a sweet looking horse.

So, even though my planner did not have written under Tuesday "NEW HORSE", my boy who saves his money for big things, brought the big tugboat of a horse home.

And we are all just slightly smitten with big Tug.

Rolling with the many exciting and unfurling changes each day brings!



Unknown said...

This is such a great post! The photos of your son and the horse just look like they were meant for each other! He looks like a great kindhearted boy and I think the horse knows it already! They will enjoy many fun times together! You never know what a day will bring, but this was a wonderful day for both!

Carol Blanchet said...

Am I just imagining it, or can you see the thankfulness and love in Tug's eyes for your son?
Seriously, what a great match!


Ironstone and Pine said...

Julia, I am so proud of your son AND you for taking in a rescue on it's way to a frightening death (and horses know it when they get there); I'm a horse owner, and if i had the space and land i would take as many as i can to save them from that fate. There are SO many good horses out there that end up just like Tug, some were pets, or the result of unnecessary back yard breeding, or from someone who just got tired or didn't have the financial resources to keep one safe and fed. It is a very hard thing to go to one of those places, the idea alone that you are the last chance for any one of them. I commend all of your family for getting involved........he's a beautiful guy and I'm sure he will pay you back in love and thanks each and everyday. The only thing is, I think he is looking over the fence for a buddy or a friend that he might have left think?!! (and you know what they say, horses are like potato chips, you can't stop at one!)
Good job, rescue on!!!

connie said...

Simply Awesome, and a boy with the love as big as that horse... perfect match...

Julia said...

Hi Connie! Yes...he is looking for a friend right now! He has two waiting for him right up the road after we have quarantined him for 30 days. The feedlot IS a hard place to go to. The owner really tries to home as many as possible, but most of the big, healthy horses were in the kill pen...waiting to go. They are probably worth more in weight than they are in the menial price you pay to adopt. It is really sad. I a so glad Tim spotted this one and that my sister was willing to haul him home :)!

Kristina said...

Oh so wonderful!! Tug is beautiful!!!

Simply At Home said...

Julia that is wonderful! This post made me smile. How kind and big heart-ed your family is. If we had the fencing and water source. I would love to bring one home also.

carolyn said...

You and your family just became my new heroes! My daughter rode horses for years, started when she was four-years-old! Horses are surely one of God's most magnificent creatures.

Anonymous said...

Wow! you are such a brave take home a homeless horse!
Your son is in for such a treat....I'm sure Tug will love
him back for taking him in and giving him a loving home. We always
rescued our dogs and boy, were they ever faithful and loyal...I
always thought it was because we took them in when they were on death row.
Somehow they knew it and just were the best pets! Yeah for Tug!!!

Ginny said...

Tug has found his forever home. Your son has a gentle soul. God Bless him, Tug and your family.

Debra said...

To Save a Life that could have been nearly over….you and your son have made me open my eyes to see what this day will hold for me.

I love reading about your life, and your pictures are beautiful.
They are always a bright spot in my day.

hello haha narf said...

way to make my eyes leaky before noon. your boy has a great heart. i love that you encourage it.
thank you for sharing?

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