Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Simple Things

Sometimes it's not about going out and spending money on things that you just plain want.
It's about doing with what you have.
Sometimes it's about shopping in your own yard, or garden shed for that matter.

I love galvanized anything. Industrial looking, long lasting quality, a neutral backdrop.
 I wanted to spend money on some new galvanized tubs for flowers, but instead opted for this handsome pail bought at a yard sale for $2.00 a few years ago.

It's old.
It's functional, long lasting.
Who knows what sights it has seen in it's history.


No money spent except for the lovely white pansies.

What simple things are you enjoying today?



Bevy @ Treasured Up and Pondered said...

I have all kinds of galvanized - waiting to be prettied up! thank you for the gentle and lovely reminder!! I agree. Oh - the stories these buckets could tell from down on the farm. :)

This looks great!

connie said...

Beautiful... and so simple...

Anonymous said...

I love your ideas on using what you have. Always search your stash before buying. My galvanized bucket holds hens and chickens at the moment. They love it-they are flowing over the sides. Like you, only the cost of the flowers. Jackie

Kristina said...

thank you for the reminder, so pretty!!

Simply At Home said...

I love galvanized anything also. Sadly I don't own any.
I love the thought of making do with what you have. We
live by it daily. Lovely post Julia.

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