Sunday, March 25, 2018

Tin Can Scarecrow

I have had a few readers ask about Gertrude, our tin can scarecrow, and thought I would revisit this post published a few years ago.
She has weathered a bit and sports a nice tan now, but I just love her garden presence!!


Meet Gertrude...

She's sweet and quite stylish...and helps me EVERYDAY in the garden.

She keeps those birds away...
and tells them where to go {our hens pay her no mind}.
Tim thinks Gertie might like to boogie and that this is her John Travolta move:).

She just means business.

We made her from recycled cans, a garbage pail, chicken wire, and metal roofing.
The idea came from Mary Jane Butter's book, MaryJane's Ideabook.
After collecting all of the materials, it is a really fun Fall afternoon project and the possibilities are endless.
I was inspired after my friend Kimberlee made her tin can scarecrow girl...and HAD to borrow her metal roofing idea:).

I used 1x2 pieces for her body and arms and screwed on each tin can.
I left enough 1x2 to secure Gertie into the ground. Mary Jane used a pitch fork so that the scarecrow could be moved from place to place.

Her hair is another coffee can with the top removed. 
I cut strips and then curled her hair.
Much better than sticking straight up:).

Gertie's skirt is a garbage can with metal roofing extending it to the floor.
She's modest...
in spite of the Travolta moves.

We added a little frou~frou apron of sorts with chicken wire.
It gives Gertie that fashion edge along with a little lace to compliment her garden gloves.

Her belt is another strip of metal roofing.

 Gertie has been a fun addition to our garden!
She is a hard worker and always happy to see me:).
As she ages, she will get a great tan...making her even more adorable.
If you are looking for a fun family project, all this takes is a little ingenuity and creativity.

 Happy Fall!


Lady Jane said...

What a great addition to your garden. I love Gertie. I love Mary Janes magazine and haven't bought one in ages. This just shows what I am missing...

Simply At Home said...

Nice to meet you Gertie ~ I think you would be a little scary to run into in the dark.
He he!! Have a blessed Sunday!

Jennifer Highsmith said...

I love her hair! Does she spin on your friend's pitch fork one or on your board one? Great idea and very cute!!

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