Friday, November 6, 2015

Rolling In

The fog looms down the field, rolling its way up to blanket us.
Meanwhile, I enjoy rays of gold streaming on my kitchen table.
Sprinkling a delightful light across my still-blank to do list and cup of chocolate hazlenut tea.
A creamy bowl of oatmeal inspired by this book  to go along with the plans for today rolling in steadily.
One by one, the page fills, brimming with the possibilities of today.
Some large, some small. My day seems like a rolling jumble of to-dos and good things to come.
I've learned to pare down to only 3 big tasks in the day and then a list of other things that might get done.
A pie to bake for an FFA auction, outside gardening to finish up for the year, a fun movie night to plan, a Christmas card to design....
things to work on at a steady pace with a peace about it.
Just having this day?
That's the blessing.
And finding small moments like the early morning to enjoy it...there is the treasure.

Hope your Fall is off to a lovely start!


Lisa said...

I can't believe how beautiful that is. I hope you weren't overwhelmed by your list today.

Gumbo Lily said...

Sounds like a good day is in the works.
Cool fog pic!

patio garden furniture said...

That's beautiful! The photo is beautiful as your post.

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