Thursday, April 7, 2016


This Springtime weather has us outside and enjoying the sun!
Our little cousin was able to visit over Spring Break and what a fun time the kids had together. 
Cousin relationships are so special.
Almost like a brother or sister, yet a completely unique bond.

Lily had fun showing her cousin how to groom and care for her steers.
She caught right on!

Our neighbor's goats....lazing in the sun :)

Chippy was groomed and beautified for hours. He was in heaven.
 Then I decided to use his lawn mowing capabilities in the chicken run. It is quite large and my chicks are not keeping the grass down.
I think I need to clip their wings to keep them contained.

Have you planted your garden yet?
My spinach, kale, and lettuces are coming well as peas. 
The rest of the garden {shown here} is ready for seeds!

Hiking is such a fun part of the Spring for us.
The girls and I decided to hike to the ridge of a very steep hill to see these iron horses.
How they got them up there, I will never know!

 And today....we are back outside. Planting potatoes, working steers, and maybe even taking a dip in the creek.
Cleaning a bit indoors, creating fresh spaces from willy nilly messes made all winter.
Oh this Spring time is pure joy!

Hope your Spring day is a lovely one!


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Gumbo Lily said...

It looks like a fun spring day on your farm!
No garden planting here until May. I might try to put some lettuce seeds in the ground, but it's still too cold here for germinating seeds.
Happy Spring!

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