Friday, April 24, 2015

On Motherhood...and A Mother's Day Giveaway

One clear shot from birth till 18, and it’s not ever really one stroke, but a thousand — well, about 6,570 daily putts — and that is grace and that is all.
~Ann Voskamp

With a boy who is fast growing from a lanky 16 year old bean pole into a filled-out, handsome man, I sometimes feel like capturing each and every moment with him. Like my time will slip away and my 6,570 putts are winding down to the last few years.
I can remember staring into his fresh little face as a newborn, cheeks chubby and rosy, big blue eyes....and wondering how I ever lived without him. 
This gift, and then three more gifts that just about made my heart burst I was so in love.
It fills you up, tests you, gives you more than you ever could have thought, blesses you beyond measure.
And requires oodles of grace.
Mother's Day is coming I thought you might all be blessed by my friend Amanda today.
She writes in such a way that her message just touches your heart.
When she approached me about hosting a giveaway for Mother's Day, of course I was thrilled, and I knew I had to ask her if I could use one of her posts on motherhood.

Along with being a beautiful writer, Amanda and her family have a line of handmade soaps, hand and body scrubs, and other lovely things that they sell at The Hemlock House.

Made from wholesome and natural ingredients, I LOVE her products!
The soaps are creamy and leave your skin feeling moisturized.
Lemongrass Peppermint handmade soap
The hand and body scrubs are oh so divine and leave your skin exfoliated and moisturized.
Lavender Hand and Body Scrub

And there are so many more great products...

Amanda is giving away  a bar of soap and a 4 ounce jar of lavender hand and body scrub.
Wouldn't that make a scrumptious gift for a Mom in your life?

  She can only ship to the lower 48 states and will offer Fairview Farm readers 10 % off any purchase from the shop until May 10th using coupon code:  fairviewfarm10.

To be entered, just visit The Hemlock House and then leave a comment telling us what you love!
Be sure to leave a way for us to contact you!

Giveaway ends Tuesday, April 28th!

Here is a beautiful post from Amanda on motherhood....

Dear new mama,

"When women are not encouraged to embrace motherhood with a whole heart as an occupation worth of a full life's devotion-a part of the basic design of our femininity is devalued."

~Sally Clarkson
{Mission of Motherhood}

She toddles onto the front porch with a slam of the screen door.  Blonde hair in a tangled mess with that dirty old baby doll clutched in her hands.  Climbs onto the porch swing beside me, lifts her shirt, places that baby under her shirt, grins real big like and pronounces that she is "nusing" her baby too. The preciousness of a little girl playing mama.  Already embracing motherhood I think and she is just a couple months shy of turning four years old.  A seed planted for future motherhood...
 Dear new mama,

Any day now you can expect to hold that new baby in your arms.  There is nothing in all the world more special than meeting little one for the first time.  Spend these last moments resting as much as possible and loving on your husband.  He is most always the one during pregnancy, labor, delivery and postpartum that gets left out.  He wants to be a part of this too!  That first baby is the biggest change to both of you, but mostly to him for he is about to share his beloved bride to a new person soon!
So, you want to have a natural child birth? Good for you.  You can do it! Rest. Relax. Think of contractions as a sensation rather than a pain.  And know that things might get intense, but your body was made by an amazing creator to birth a baby. Stay focused. .  Listen to your husband as you allow the holy spirit to work through him.  Oneness.  He will be your rock through birthing this baby into the world naturally.

   There is a reason God chose a man to lead and if you focus on your husband during this birth, you will look into his eyes and fall in love with him all over again.  Your marriage will grow stronger, and your love for one another will grow deeper.  God has a good plan.  But always remember that if something goes wrong and there has to be intervention, it's okay.  Be gentle with yourself because birthing a baby naturally vs not, doesn't define being a good mama. In fact, birthing a baby at all, doesn't make you a good mama.  Always remember that.

The Misson of Motherhood.  Is hands down the best book I've ever read on motherhood and this would be nice to read while you are nursing the baby!
As for practical tips:
Welcome all help the first couple of weeks.
Don't try to get back to normal life before this because it will be there soon enough.
Sleep when the baby sleeps.
Eat healthy to give you energy.
Pull out freezer meals only after everyone has brought you food for the first couple of weeks!
Did I mention sleep when the baby sleeps?
Take a walk outside once a day to soak in that vitamin D and get fresh air.

And remember, this time is fleeting.  It won't last long.  Within six weeks or so, you will be finding your groove back so be patient with yourself about any outside expectations.  It will come! 
If you find yourself lonely or isolated learn to replace any discontentment with dignity. This will prove to be the first step in dying to yourself as a mother. While it is okay to cry, try not to make a habit of it!. Life isn’t an emergency. Patience will be your virtue. Seek for more peace, meekness and gentleness.  Allow God to meet all of your needs when no one else can because those post partum hormones are a force to be reckoned with and your husband will be the poor fellow who gets the blunt of it all!

 Limit your time with social media. Use the internet as a tool. And to sharpen iron. Nothing more. Seek those blogs, sites or even other women in real life that encourage you in your role as a wife and mother.  If you don't,  you will find yourself breeding a heart of discontentment.  Surround yourself with like mindedness.

When God saved you by His grace, He didn't save you to sit.  He saved you to serve!  The mission field begins…IN YOUR HOME…When you learn to embrace serving God within the walls of your home where no one can see …the joy will overcome you. All the wonderful places you’ve visited and traveled in your life will be nothing compared to the mission field that is ripe for harvest within your home.  You are a work in progress, so be patient with yourself.  This new just the beginning!

With humble love,

A work in progress, too.

Monday, April 20, 2015


Thank you so very much to all who entered the giveaway! 
I was so touched by all of your sweet comments and responses. 
With no further adieu...
the winner of the gardening giveaway is 
Ironstone and Pine!
* Please email me at for mailing info!


Wishing you all a lovely day.


Thursday, April 16, 2015

A Little Giveaway....Gardening Apron, Seeds, and a Journal

This giveaway is now closed!

It's time to get our hands in the rich dirt and plant!
In honor of planting season, and well...just because...I am giving away this lovely apron, some of my favorite flower seeds, and a sweet little leather bound garden journal.

I wear aprons in the garden and they are such a great way to keep clean, have a place for snips, seeds, and gloves.
I found this delightful chambray fabric and designed a half apron with three perfect pockets and extra long ties that can be wrapped around your waist and tied back in front.

The seeds are some of my favorite cutting flowers!
Zinnia, Sweet Peas, and Hollyhocks from my own garden.

I have this small journal and love it for keeping track of when I planted, and how things are looking in the garden every few weeks. 
It is the perfect size and shape!

If you would like a chance to win, just leave a comment below WITH a way for me to contact you!
I will select a winner Monday, April 20th.

If you are so kind to share this post via social media leave another comment for an extra chance to win!
*Open to US residents only.

Saturday, April 4, 2015


So grateful for a sunny day full with Easter preparations.

For colored eggs to eat...and colored eggs to hunt with cousins.

Buttery scones from the oven...

And mostly, for a God who cares more deeply for us than we can imagine.

Wishing you all a day full of newness and joy!


Thursday, March 26, 2015

Morning Focus

The morning bed covers reached around me and were the perfect kind of warm this morning.
I hear kids rustling, making tea, the sun peeks into my window, and fresh air blows in calling me out of my little nest.

I have the chance to settle in and read the Word with a cup of tea, and golden pops of spring in a lime jar looking at me.
 Sending a sweet smell my way.

Mindful... for a few seconds before my day's focus changes.
It's my way of charging up for the day.
My first fuel.

Live life then with a due sense of responsibility, not as women who do not know the meaning and purpose of life, but as those who do. Make the best use of your time, despite all of the evils of these days. Don't be vague, but grasp firmly what you know to be the will of the Lord.
Ephesians 5:15-17

We're supposed to live purposely and timely, with a focus in life.
And for me that never comes without praying about nearly everything. 
If we haven't chosen what we are living for, we are living in default.
Running here and there, space taken up by the many duties and activities, bending to other people's agendas, and the pressures of life.
It's a faulty focus that I am so guilty of chastising.
But never is it too late to change focus.

So this morning, I sit in the quiet,
I search.
And take time to pen down my focus.
What do I want my life to feel like, look like?
How do my actions speak to others? 
What do I want my life to look like at 80?
How can I pattern my life after women that I admire?

These words came to mind as to how I want to live: 
content, clearly, patiently, kind, purposefully, creatively, and faithfully.

It's a start and a place to grow from.
Always the growing and learning who I am supposed to be a midst all of my failures.
It's good to know we are fresh and forgiven every new morning.
Brand spanking new.
Ready to be shaped into the person God has in mind.

Wishing you all a lovely Spring day friends!


Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Working Cows with Grandma

Spring is here and with it all of the outside meanderings that must get done.
We work the cows each Spring and this year had a little extra help....from Grandma!

Darren's Mom came over for a couple of lovely days and it was such a treat!
She lives in Alaska and we are always happy to have a visit.
 We inoculate the cows against certain strains of bacteria that can make them sick and then de-worm them.
It keeps them super healthy and happy.
Soon, they will be AI'd {artificially inseminated} and they need to be in great shape.
We had to work cows yesterday and Grandma was game to join in!

Grandma ran the shoot.
She was a natural :)

 The day was beautiful and windy, crisp with a warm sun on your back.
But my nose and ears were cold.
The little red calves waited patiently for their turn to get shots.

And now we wait.
In a few weeks those Mama's will be pregnant and a new crop of babies will come in the new year.
Our son is a researcher when it comes to genetics and it is always fun to see his calves grow.

 Wishing you a lovely Spring day!
What kind of Spring things are happening at your place?


Saturday, March 21, 2015


Much has happened as of late.
Spring came tumbling in and the small green spears of daffodils broke into a yellow pop of glory.

I dig and edge and plant more here and there.
The tidy and well kept plants are growing well.
Roses are sprouting mint green leaves and I am pouring over information on how to care for 6 new varieties.

The rich garden soil has been tilled again...for the third time.
Onions, peas, and spinach are in the ground.
We wait for a bit and then the other crops will be joining them in neat rows.

We see potential and then progress!
Always I am changing things up a bit.
But just being outside, breathing in an almost sweet aroma on the air, the rosy, ruddy cheeks that the kids's good.

My Dutch Grandma always said rosy cheeks were a sign of health!

The steers have been clipped and are ready for their first show.
They are so gentled and love to be worked with, I think Tim will have an easy go of it.

The Mama's and babies are doing well.

I think the calves feel Spring in their bones and jump about all day long.

And this face....
It has me in stitches.
This is how Bessie greets you in the pasture...almost like she is talking.

To be in the warm sun, listening to the cows bawl, the birds twittering and flitting, the sound of tractors harrowing....could it get any better?

Wishing you a lovely weekend!
Are you doing anything outside, too?

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